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Social Media and Employment Law

March 29, 2012

I am not that old.

I remember leaving high school and heading off to University: barley turned 18 years old armed only with my 450 speed processor of a laptop, a lump in my throat and more importantly – my Nokia 3330.

The Nokia 3330 was a robust piece of equipment. It could sent three text messages in one, had interchangeable covers and again, more importantly – Snake 2.

The year was 2003. In October of that very year, a few thousand miles away in Harvard University – a student began a revolution and almost single-handedly changed the way the world communicates. That student was Mark Zuckerberg, a self-made billionaire all stemming from his invention of a rather simple computer networking site within Harvard University called Facesmash. Of course this would later become Facebook, a programme familiar around the world with almost a billion users to date.

I used the word revolution, and aptly. A revolution in the traditional sense springs memories and images of Che Guevara type figures leading a charge against oppression and corruption. As we have witnessed only too recently in the Middle East and North Africa a revolution these days tends to be leaderless. Social media: Twitter, Facebook and the rest have made such possible.

Back in 2003 if we wanted to know the football results we either listened to the classifieds on the radio or we tuned into ‘teletext’ or ‘ceefax’. Such an idea seems rather pathetic now with the invention of far superior mobile phoned, the ‘app’ and social media where information on virtually ANYTHING is available at the touch of a finger. (more…)