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…..And So For The Inevitable….

February 13, 2012

I sit here pondering over the breaking news of Glasgow Rangers and their lodging of papers aiming in the direction of Administration. It was an inevitable move that was more a question of ‘when’ as opposed to ‘if’. Even the most hardline Rangers fans have taken to the news with no sense of shock,surprise or horror. More with a general distain and lackluster regret. (more…)

Frank and Honest – Or hiding behind a veil. You decide!

February 5, 2012

Craig Whyte insists that there is a plan for Rangers. Picture: SNS

Craig Whyte ends a difficult week with a candid discussion with Tom English, on where the season ticket money has gone, the Jelavic deal and the future of Rangers

Q: It’s been a bruising week for you. Tickets and tax and rumours and innuendo. Your manager was on the verge of walking out. Or maybe not…

A: Yeah, you hear all these stories that he’s ready to pack it in and it’s total crap. These rumours got so strong during the week that even my sister called me and said she’d heard that Ally had resigned. I told her it was rubbish. Ally and I talk regularly and he’s very, very determined and very, very focused. I don’t know why people don’t want to believe that.



Do You Think They Still Have The Banners??

January 31, 2012

As the door firmly closes on the January transfer window, the creaking sound of the Ibrox Trophy Cabinet can be heard, as it inevitably swings open in preparation for it’s incarnation in green and white ribbons.
Of course i understand the pleas of, ” Don’t give up now, Shellick havny beaten us in the last three seasons”. This is true, they have not – but Rangers have never been as weak in the last three seasons. If Celtic were to fail to win the league now i think it would really be time to ask questions. (more…)

Rangers Unfurled- Has The Daily ‘Ranger’ given up on Rangers, or Just Found A New Hand To Feed?

January 31, 2012


A dark day has fallen over Ibrox stadium – aptly named, it would appear, as Castle Grey skull by many opposing fans.

The Rangers faithful today awoke to the stark horror that their club chairman, Mr Craig Whyte has perhaps sold their club down the drain.

The revelation that the club has mortgaged future season ticket cash to the tune of approx. £20million has appeared, for the first time, in the mainstream press. Not to mention a suggestion that the V.A.T. on such has been subsequently avoided.

This story will be of absolutely no surprise to those that have read either my own, or many of the other Rangers football club related blogs on the internet. In fact, one quick browse at the expense of only a couple of pounds and you could have been privy to such information – or at least the intent of such, as far back as last summer.

The breaking of such news in the mainstream press was, to say the least, a surprise to most – blogging away on the matter as a hobby. Personally: I was not too surprised. (more…)