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Jelly & Ice-Cream ~ One Of Them ‘No Wayyyyy’ Moments.

February 17, 2012

Stumbled across this on my travels today. You probably couldn’t make it up to be honest. If i have missed something here then please feel free to fill me in as i proclaim absolute innocent to the ‘Jelly & Ice-Cream’ debate.

I was sure (and still am!!) that it was nothing more than a friendly jibe towards Rangers in their current situation, albeit one that didn’t strike me as particularly witty.

Nevertheless, as I say, I stumbled across this today – I am sure it will give someone somewhere, something to say. I admit it is all very convenient, to an extent that it made me chuckle a little at the coincidence.

I’m sure not everyone will take the innocent, coincidental view that I have.

Call me warped, but I genuinely laughed out loud at this headline and all of the connotations that it comes with. A light break from the tediousness of Rangers & Admin. (Well, for me anyway)


Sorry, it would appear that i was not being clear enough here. For the purpose of those on (yes, i do find out where i am linked from) – I do not suggest that ‘Jelly & Ice-cream’ is an IRA related thing – I was merely pointing out the rather funny coincidence that I am sure will rattle more that one,small minded cage.