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Calm Doon….

April 18, 2012

In your face: Lennon was adamant his side were hard done to against Hearts

Another week, another failure?, another bad decision and another ‘Tweet’.

I do not usually make much remark on Celtic. I do not support the team and therefore it is not really my place to comment on their affairs. Nothing Celtic or Neil Lennon do has any outcome on me; but after quite some time I feel it is time to have a small snigger and a friendly jibe.


Graham Spiers

February 4, 2012


A short but straight to the point blog.

I have been unfortunate enough to listen to the Clyde 1 Radio Phone in today and spent my time cringing at the Rangers fans that were calling in.

The personal attack on Graham Spiers toward the end of the show was all to similar to the ones that i have suffered myself and on a similar level – laughably so. (more…)