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The Judiciary Don’t Like Tax Avoiders

November 14, 2013

Tax avoidance is a relatively major talking point in today’s media. In Scotland there was the Glasgow Rangers debate, but more importantly we have had massive amounts of tax avoided by groups such as Amazon, Google, Starbucks, Vodafone and Goldman Sachs. Various news agencies sought to investigate tax avoidance schemes and in doing so the Times invited David Hartnett for a meeting. David Hartnett, in unfamiliar, was the Permanent Secretary for Tax at HMRC; I say Permanent, but clearly that wasn’t a title to be taken literally. As he is no longer in that position.


So Who Owns Rangers – Part 2

October 19, 2011

So who actually owns Rangers?


The proverbial $64,000 question and one that is difficult to shed much light on.

The simple answer is of course: Craig Whyte.  A man who acquired the club for the price of £1 from Sir David Murray, earlier in 2011.