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Davie Boy Speaks To His Pals…..

August 8, 2012


This week has seen a little more promising news for Rangers. First of all we have had a return to football, not just to Rangers but to Ibrox stadium – something that I am sure is a promising sign to all associated with Rangers Football Club.


It’s that…Bunging Feeling Of Being Alone….It’s The Way It Makes You Screech ….

May 30, 2012

Well, a lot has happened in the last week and also been documented on the BBC so the point of comment is limited.

I do not have a lot of time so I will bullet point some things that crossed my mind during the BBC programme:


The King Speaks…..

March 7, 2012

Only title win saved Rangers from going bust claims Dave King

This morning has greeted us with a statement from Mr Dave King. I am(perhaps) overly critical of the Rangers board of old.

Personally, and I do little to hide this, I would like a full and frank investigation into ALL of the following with regard to their involvement in the clubs affairs throughout the Murray and Whyte era’s: Dave King, David Murray, Paul Murray, Hugh Adams, Martin Bain, Craig Whyte, Alastair Johnstone, Campbell Ogilvie, John McClleland, Mike McGill, Gary Withey,  Andrew Ellis and Phil Betts.

In recent times we have seen the ‘old’ guard emerging from the woodwork to tell us exactly how they feel about Craig Whyte, his takeover etc.

Much of it stinks!

It doesn’t stink because I am a great believer in Craig Whyte – far from, but more because I believe that all of those mentioned above have been complicit in either recent or historic times of hiding information that they were privy to as members of the board.

I actually feel that some of them are trying to stay ahead of the game – to e-quit themselves of any public liability by suddenly becoming ‘tell tales’. The most recent, but by no means the only one has been Hugh Adams. Exactly where were you Sir, all of them years ago, when this practice was going on? It is all very good and well devulging your information now that the shit has hit the fan – but exactly where were you prior to this when things were going “well…”??

Exactly: Nowhere!

It is now the turn of Dave King. The man himself has been steeped in controversy in recent times over his own tax dealings in South Africa. Nevertheless the man is one of great wealth and one of stature in the field of business. So what did he have to say?



February 25, 2012




















A lot has happened in the last week, oh sorry: that is a lie.

The stark reality is that Rangers appear to be ‘playing’ at Administration so far. It is not Rangers fault of course but rather that of the administrators themselves.

I would say that it is the lack of urgency toward admin matters from Duff&Phelps that seems to have allowed a sense of brazen confidence enter the Ibrox fray. Indeed, administration doesn’t really seem that big a deal – OK, so an ineffective COO and Director of football leave but hey-ho, no biggy eh? (more…)

The Rumour Mill……

February 20, 2012

I am just going to let this speak for itself.

Anyone that wishes to challenge the piece, feel free to do so.

Stolen from one of them Rangers forums.


ANY Rangers shareholder has the legal right to challenge the deal which saw David Murray sell the club to Craig Whyte.

That is the astonishing news I can exclusively reveal, as Rangers supporters rally to save the club and free it from the tainted grip of the now seriously under scrutiny Whyte.

David Murray, in typical style, muddied the waters last week when he claimed there was no legal mechanism in place for him to reacquire Rangers, even if Whyte had not fulfilled the obligations he signed up to in the contract which transferred Murray’s majority shareholding to him for a quid.

However, what Murray did not make clear is that under corporate law, which covers the terms of the agreement, any Rangers shareholder who does not believe Whyte has fulfilled his obligations CAN challenge the deal in court.

There are 26,000 small Rangers shareholders out there and each and every one of them has the legal right to step up and challenge the legality of the deal.

That’s a lot of people from diverse backgrounds. And the 26,000 MUST include Rangers supporters who are lawyers, accountants , wealthy and successful businessmen, and others who know the ins and outs of corporate law and takeovers.

I believe one of them may be preparing just such a move. And it would explode as a bombshell for the beleaguered Whyte.

It would also of course drag David Murray back into the mess, though some would say he has a moral obligation to help clean it up, as the mess was of his own making.

However, any such move, would also make it easier for Paul Murray to move in and start returning Rangers to a sound and safe financial footing.

In fact, if more than one Rangers shareholder instigates a move against Whyte, that would put the Whyte camp under even more pressure and allow the contract between him and Murray to be forensically examined under the public gaze in open court.

Rangers supporters would then get the chance to see just what conditions David applied to the contract which he and Whyte signed, the deal which as led to Rangers being placed in administration and having ten points deducted, effectively handing the title to Celtic.


THERE will be more tomorrow on this astonishing development and how it could even boost the Ibrox finances.

Should I Stay Or…Will I Be Made To Go?

February 14, 2012

Administration was today forced upon Rangers quicker than even the most prevalent of critics could have imagined. In 24hours Rangers went from lodging papers to being faced with a potential HMRC induced administrator. As it stands – there now appears to be a further £9million in tax liability for P.A.Y.E since May 2011. This is strange – along with the rest of the money that is apparently posted missing, does Craig Whyte really have Rangers interests at heart? Not a chance…. (more…)

Frank and Honest – Or hiding behind a veil. You decide!

February 5, 2012

Craig Whyte insists that there is a plan for Rangers. Picture: SNS

Craig Whyte ends a difficult week with a candid discussion with Tom English, on where the season ticket money has gone, the Jelavic deal and the future of Rangers

Q: It’s been a bruising week for you. Tickets and tax and rumours and innuendo. Your manager was on the verge of walking out. Or maybe not…

A: Yeah, you hear all these stories that he’s ready to pack it in and it’s total crap. These rumours got so strong during the week that even my sister called me and said she’d heard that Ally had resigned. I told her it was rubbish. Ally and I talk regularly and he’s very, very determined and very, very focused. I don’t know why people don’t want to believe that.



Do You Think They Still Have The Banners??

January 31, 2012

As the door firmly closes on the January transfer window, the creaking sound of the Ibrox Trophy Cabinet can be heard, as it inevitably swings open in preparation for it’s incarnation in green and white ribbons.
Of course i understand the pleas of, ” Don’t give up now, Shellick havny beaten us in the last three seasons”. This is true, they have not – but Rangers have never been as weak in the last three seasons. If Celtic were to fail to win the league now i think it would really be time to ask questions. (more…)

For There’s Not A Team Called The Glasgow Rangers –Might JUST Be The Answer

January 28, 2012

Another day breaks icy cold and slippery sloped before a ‘vital’ SPL encounter with Hibernian at Ibrox.

Normally, a Saturday 3pm fixture resulted in the excitement of waking up, eating your breakfast – unhealthily fried- and reading the paper for any team news for the day ahead. There wasn’t a day went by that some footballing controversy wasn’t in the papers, usually irrelevant but not to those of the opposite persuasion  outraged as they flicked from the back page headline to the no doubt Heinz blotched page where the story unfurled.

Those days are gone.

There is often a need to romanticise football in Scotland, the World in fact. Nostalgia plays a large part as even the most mundane of characters wax lyrical about the goal they witnessed the previous week, such guile, such craft.

Those days are gone. (more…)

So Who Owns Rangers – Part 2

October 19, 2011

So who actually owns Rangers?


The proverbial $64,000 question and one that is difficult to shed much light on.

The simple answer is of course: Craig Whyte.  A man who acquired the club for the price of £1 from Sir David Murray, earlier in 2011.