Time to Wake Up………

I am sure that I do not need to go through the press headlines of the past week relating Mr Green to Mr Whyte. Sadly, as I have feared for some time, there appears to be a correlation between the two parties that has become somewhat exposed. Even at its most minimal of contact the relationship is enough to infer that Charles Green has lied to the Rangers support.

Personally, I am unsure as to the true relationship between Mr Green and Mr Whyte. It is impossible to believe any party, after all, both have quite a history of telling porkies. Yes, there is paperwork available that would suggest a firm relationship but again, would you put anything from falsifying documents to fraud past these parties? I am not suggesting that either party is privy to ‘dodgy dealings’ but there is often no smoke without some sort of ignition point.

The one comment that I certainly do have to make with regard to the situation is in relation to the Rangers support. No matter you allegiances in Scottish Football, be you a reserved bystander or someone that vigorously detests all things blue – you must admire the numbers in which the Rangers support have tuned out this season. Yes, there have been issues with sectarian singing and various other flashpoints. I am not attesting to forget about such incidences but on the whole, and considering the turmoil in the past year coupled with the economic crisis that we hear so often in relation to Scottish Football crowds. I would say Rangers fans have done more than their fair share for the club.

My issue with some of the Rangers support right now is with regard to their unfaltering loyalty. I have griped many a time that my ‘concern’ over Craig Whyte from the outset was what achieved my total alienation from all Rangers websites. My concern over Charles Green now appears to have been realised. It is time for Rangers fans to stop hiding behind the veil of loyalty to the man in charge and instead of blindly following – start asking questions and show some loyalty to the clubs whose history they all cherish so deeply. The Yorkshire man has had the Rangers fans like putty in his hands from almost the start of his tenure. Okay, so he played the big drum and captured the imagination of the easily led among the Ibrox crowds but more people should have had enough common sense to fall for such an act of flattery. Once bitten and all that….

On the whole, the season was a rather uneventful one for Rangers. What should now be evidently clear is that the gap between Rangers now and in the traditional sense is huge. Yes, in terms of sheer numbers and size Rangers are a huge club. However, on the pitch and at boardroom level the club is indeed in its infancy and has many years of hard work to even be considered in the same breath as the current set-up on the East end of Glasgow.

One issue that I find alarming and worth note is that Rangers appear to be losing money. Apart from the legal ramifications of this that I am almost convinced will have appeared on one of many other blogs I find this unacceptable. Rangers were given a new fiscal start. Under no circumstances should the club be losing money based on the standard of player in their ranks and the size of their fan-base.

It is on this basis that I would ask all Rangers fans to take heed of my next words. All going well, Rangers will indeed be alive and well in SFL Division 2 next season, and allowed to sign players again. Do NOT expect Rangers to be spending the ‘megabucks’ on players that some would have you imagine. There is no need for such investment and it is such extravagance that has landed Rangers where they are at this present moment (well, along with various other issues).

League Reconstruction:

I was absolutely delighted to see the vote on league reconstruction fall by the wayside at Hampden in the past week. I never liked the idea of reconstruction and never supported it – funnily enough, neither did many football fans of any team.

With that sentiment I will rewind to the summer prior to the vote on Rangers Newco in the SPL.

‘It’s a slightly different scenario from football but if you have customers and don’t listen to them then you don’t have a business.

A quote from Stephen Thomson. One that should resonate with many of the Chairmen throwing their toys out of the pram.

My impression is that, for many clubs, attendances have been pretty good this season – i am not sure the league structure on the table this week was the answer to ANY problems in the game. Nor do i agree with Stuart Milnes prediction that this could spell the end for Scottish Football. I heard the word Armageddon last season, yet i have not seen any evidence of it. The proposals on offer at Hampden this week that were rejected will no more spell disaster for the game than it would have cure.

I did not also agree with the decision to attempt to rush through such proposals at short notice. Although, under reconstruction I have worked out in my head that there was potential for Rangers, achieving their goals, to be playing football against SPL teams QUICKER than under the current model I did not feel that a move to rush a new system through so quickly was beneficial. I am somewhat an admirer of Peter Lawwell and the success he has achieved at Celtic so perhaps it is apt to quote him in reference to this opinion.

“In principle we accept fixture flexibility. However, the league must not be compromised by changing the rules during the course of the competition and these decisions should not be made on an ad hoc basis.

“Therefore, we oppose the decision and feel, in fact, that it has compromised the integrity of the competition.”

So, what is my message in this short and rather rushed blog? Quite simple really, Rangers fans need to wake up and accept that not all is well down Ibrox way (again) and must strive to not be so easily led by cheeky chappy chairmen. Remember, Rangers were bust only a short time ago – did anyone believe that Charles Green bought Rangers because he felt sorry for them? If they did, then they know nothing about business and should really take the naive specks from their face.

League reconstruction? I don’t buy that Stewart Gilmour was in any way influenced by a third division club, nor do I agree with the way he is being victimised by various people yet his counterpart up north appears to remain relatively unscathed. I just don’t understand what Gilmour would have to gain; most St Mirren fans appear to support his decision so perhaps he did make the decision based on other factors. I just hope it wasn’t on the basis of SPL 2 – because no one wants that either.

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3 Comments on “Time to Wake Up………”

  1. lee Says:

    Fair assessment of current situation from a fan it would seem not fooled ,a rarity among the rangers support. Who appear to believe anything spoon fed to them by smsm , Mr Whyte and Mr Green. One thing though Charles Green at no point bought “Rangers” whether he felt sorry or not. Good balanced article.

  2. kelvingrove2013 Says:

    Good blog.

    “I just hope it wasn’t on the basis of SPL 2 – because no one wants that either.”

    I suspect that there are a number of clubs currently working towards that very thing as it may be seen then to have two “strong” leagues in Scotland and the clubs that don’t make it would be left to wither and die.

    Two full time professional leagues is just about all Scotland can support.

    Who makes it to SPL 1 & 2 will be interesting and not without a fair bit of legal wrangling but should it happen The Rangers will be part of it no doubt.

  3. @lee – fair point,he bought Rangers liquid assets. I gather you got what i meant, although i accept your point on the accuracy.

    @Kelvingrove2013 – I agree, there are too many clubs in Scotland. I have no doubt Rangers/Glasgow Rangers/The Rangers/Rangers International/Sevco Scotland/ Sevcot5088 or whatever people prefer to call them would be part of the two full time league structure that you speak of. I think it would be insanity not to include them. I am not sure that it would happen though. There seems to be a strong reluctance by many involved in the game for the SPL 1/2 idea although i would probably accept that much of that reluctance tends to stem from a desire to not have Rangers quick-stepped towards the top league. If i am honest, i’m not 100% on my stance towards that idea myself.

    Time will tell.

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