Media Junkies, same old clones and more idiots at the SFA……

In between all of the rubbish linking Rangers with just about any ex-SPL player it has become rather alarming to me the length of time an agreement is taking between Charles Green and the SFA to transfer any license.  What strikes me more is that the stalling point appears to be over the SPL stripping Rangers of any titles won whilst duel contracts were in play.

It is this particular stalling point that has me remarkably interested. Why on earth should such a ‘condition’ be even breeched at this stage?. Bringing up such a point is brandishing a ‘punishment’ before a trial – quite simply, something is inherently wrong with that. Surely such a decision should have been discussed AFTER the ‘trial’ so to speak. The SFA/SPL are in a position to muck their investigation right up by being singled out a viably ‘prejudice’ through such discussions. Effectively discussing a ‘what if’ that can easily be assumed as a ‘when’ – it removes the neutrality.

What should have been discussed is anything but such an issue. Preferably what should have been decided is, will Rangers last the season? Where is the funding for such and can a TV deal be struck for SFL clubs. At no point should the SPL be interested in selling Rangers TV rights, they have absolutely no right to do so – as Rangers are not in the SPL. So, that argument is null and void straight from the off.

However, to keep the( rather impatient) Rangers fans at bay – we have a similar and striking situation to last season, making me think that either A) Craig Whyte is pulling some PR stunt due to his involvement or B) Charles Green has been taking lessons.

What I mean by this is, instead of focusing on the simple facts that you cannot buy a ticket for Rangers using any other method than cash – or that season tickets are only hours on sale – we have newspaper headlines day in and day out of who Rangers are signing for the season ahead.

What gets me is that, as much as Rangers need players, do we really need such quality of player who will demand such a wage. Players like Black and Beattie for instance (although not officially signed in any capacity) are players that I reckon, Celtic aside, could walk into any SPL team. Would it not make better financial sense to sign some players of, let us say, lesser ability – and keep the pennies tight.

Personally, I’m paying for nothing cash – no one pays cash up front before a job is complete. You eat your food in a restaurant before footing the bill, you don’t pay a tradesmen cash before he completes the job in your house or on a lower level, you don’t pay the local noddy for your(probably anthrax laced) heroin hit before you get the high. That is what we have here; media junkies releasing absurd stories instead of asking the hard questions.

The new Rangers are only days old yet you know what, somewhere along the line….the apple isn’t falling too far from the tree. I thought it was a team we wanted, not a game of Champy manager.

Or, is this all part of Green’s masterplan. Keep the fans noses out for long enough, fail to reach agreement, say it was all in the interests of the fans and all the SFA’s fault…..then run for the hills with his newly found wealth by selling off Ibrox to Tesco.??

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