Still No Further Forward……


The new season, for SFL clubs anyway, is a matter of days away and at this stage we are still no further forward in planning for the season ahead.

The vote last week to, rightly, allow Rangers newco to begin life in Division 3 was rather a waste of time in my view.

This week has heralded new talks between Charles Green and the SFA with a view to transferring the share from Rangers ‘oldco’ to the hands of the ‘newco’.

Now, correct me if I am wrong – but why on earth have the palava and PR disaster of the SFA coupled with the SPL attempting to scaremonger and then bend the rules with a view to entering Rangers into the SPL, or at worst, Division 1 for the season ahead – when you hadn’t even decided if you were going to allow them to play football in the first place.

This, for me, shows the entire problem with Scottish Football today. It is run, arse from elbow.

I understand that Charles Green is appearing to be non-transparent with his investors. If only the SFA had been so pernickety when Craig Whyte stepped up to the reigns at Ibrox – perhaps then we wouldn’t be in the mess that we currently are, although arguably so.

Perhaps if the SFA had run a closer eye over the accounts of Rangers – I mean, I presume they were required every year since all we now hear about Is audited accounts – then they could have asked some questions about David Murrays financial backing of the club.

This is all far too late to be worrying about that now, what is done is done. However, like anything in life nothing is ever simple about a fresh start. You can put the club at the bottom tier of Scottish Football yet still the controversy remains. It will pass, of course it will….but the clean-up operation from 20 years of bullshit will not come quickly.

We now have the story of the transfer ban. I have no idea why Charles Green has such an issue with this to be honest. The squad of youngsters and several more experienced players should be enough to see Rangers through the third division. If not, then you always have the safety net of not being relegated. It allows a consolidation year if nothing else. Anyway, where is the investment coming from to strengthen the squad at this time? What is the rush to the SPL anyway; the league has little more to offer for the next three years than anywhere else in the Scottish game.

The financial situation at the newco Rangers is somewhat disturbing. There must surely be costs to be met, but with no measurable source of income – how is this being achieved?

Rangers fan-sites are divided in many directions over the: to buy or not to buy question regarding season tickets.

Well, I can help solve that problem right now. It is impossible to buy a season ticket from Rangers, I know this because – out of interest I tried. The emails that I have basically say ‘pending further information’ with regard to tickets going on sale.

Even when tickets DO go on sale, at what price? I for one would not be willing to part with £500.00 to watch, with the best of intentions, third division crap. I am sure I would not be alone. Why pay the same price last season for two old firm games, the opportunity to watch Internationals like McGregor, Nasmith, Jelavic, Bocanegra et al for this season to be treated to the likes of Kal Nasmith, Ale Bedoya and Kane Hemmings (should they all stay). Why should I pay the same to watch Rangers play against the likes of Hooper, Ki, Kayal et al as I do against, well…..ignorance has taken over, I don’t know any 3rd division players (yet) and that for me says it all.

I actually feel the same for many SPL clubs, fans have bought season tickets for Celtic with no old firm game – yet got no reduction in price. Other SPL clubs now have two less ‘A’ games this season. I doubt many fans are really caring about that, they go to watch their own club, no one else. However, the principle remains.

So, with only days to go until the new season kicks-off in a new dawn for Scottish Football. We still don’t know how to buy tickets, we still don’t know if Rangers will be accepted by the SFA, we still don’t know if any players can be signed and we still don’t know if anything at all is going to happen.


Well done, you really know how to make a fucking arse of things……

It has taken over 5 months to get to this stage, why on earth should anyone expect it all to be sorted out in the next 11 or so days?

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5 Comments on “Still No Further Forward……”

  1. eddie rice Says:

    Garry your point re SFA continues to amaze me, why are these discussions still ongoing? Why would Servco take on the debts of RFC? It makes no sense whatsoever. We all know that whatever RFC are called next season it will still be RFC in the eyes of every single Scottish football fan. When eventually they get back to the top division every broadcaster and journalist in the land will again refer to the old firm.
    Celtic fans will look forward to the game in the same way they looked forward to previous games against RFC.
    We know that technically Servco don’t qualify for a license but come on we all know that there is no way the SFA will refuse to grant one, especially after the SFL clubs have already agreed to accept newco into Div3.

    On Div3 Garry, I have to say, as someone who has just completed the 42, I think you will be surprised at the quality of some of the clubs in our lower leagues. There are some young managers there who want to play the game the way it should be played, keeping the ball on the ground and playing attractive attacking football. I found the main problem was with fitness, as most if not all clubs in div 2&3 are part time this tended to have an effect on the quality of play in the latter stages of games.

    I am honestly not trying to patronise here but you will honestly enjoy visiting some of these towns. You will find their fans colourful and welcomming. One of my best memories ever at a football game was at East Stirling v Annan at the end of season 2010-2011, East Stirling needed a victory to ensure they didn’t finish in 10th place. Their small band of vocal supporters sang and supported the team for the whole 90mins, by the end my friend and I were joining in, caught up in the apmosphere of the occasion.
    It wont all be doom and gloom, there will be some young players come through the ranks who will hopefully go on and become RFC legends, talked about in the future as the true blues who stayed with the club and fought their way through the divisions back to the top of Scottish football, against all the odds.

    My main concern for Servco though is related to your previous blog, I just don’t see where the income is to get a team ready for this season. Are there finances in place to not just pay wages of players and non playing staff but also to run the stadium on matchdays?
    This for me is where the SPL/SFL/SFA need to step in and support the institution that is RFC. They have to pledge monies to ensure Newco can complete next season and probably the next, not money to pay wages but to run the stadium. If this is not possible then SFA must offer the use of Hampden for a season. This will be a drain on the resources of the SFA but the consequenses of having no RFC over a longer period will do more financial damage, so for me it makes economic sense.

    • Yep i am really looking forward to some away trips this season should it happen. My only concern is who gets the tickets. We all know that Rangers have a percentage of their support, ESPECIALLY at away games, who feel the need to be vocal in a sectarian manner.

      Infact, scrap that….i think its a GREAT idea. It may not be easy for the police to isolate fans singing sectarian crap in a stadium of 5/6000 Rangers fans, but when there are only a few hundred – a thousand tops, then great – surely it should make it easier to weed them out.

      If Rangers are to start the new season, play some games and be in a position to begin again as such then great. I have no issue with the current squad which should be good enough to perform in Division 3 – however, i cannot help but this that with only days to go we are now rushing things greatly, and that cannot be good. Realistically, if season tickets were to go on sale tomorrow – there is a great deal of clerical work to be completed between now and the first home game at Ibrox.

      The whole situation is still a mess, what i don’t understand is why so many Rangers fans don’t seem to be asking the questions that puzzle me. Really – days to go and so much to do the staff would need work night and day, with absolutely no idea wher the funding is coming from for their next pay check.

  2. I’ll second what Eddie says above regarding the 3rd Division. Obviously, it’s not where you want to be but I watched Ross County and ICT rise through the divisions and I watched a lot of very enjoyable football in that time. It’s a bit harsh to call it crap. Very good value for money was my verdict.

    I agree with you that the SFA are a joke but one criticism that I think is a bit unfair on them is the expectation that they ought to go through every single club’s accounts with an eye to spotting problems which the clubs themselves have already paid their own professional advisors to check. As I understand it, the requirement to forward copies of accounts to the SFA is primarily to ensure that there will be a back-up record for the authorities to refer to if any disputes arise in the future. It’s a bit like asking a lawyer to keep a copy of one of your important documents in his safe.

    And I can just imagine the outcry if the SFA had blocked Craig Whyte from taking over Rangers when he was promising to rescue the club and pour in all kinds of investment. The Rangers support seemed to welcome Whyte with open arms despite the warnings from outgoing board members such as Al Johnston and Paul Murray so I think Stewart Regan would have been in a hopeless position if he’d tried to veto the takeover.

    I still have a very strong feeling that there won’t be any competitive football played by the Newco this season and, to be honest, I think it would be a far better thing in the long run if decent supporters like yourself actually had a year’s breathing space to take stock and think about the future rather than constantly be reacting to crisis management and damage limitation. It’s a bit like a political party which has been in power for a long time then spectacularly loses an election; its best plan is to lie low and reassess what it’s all about and how best to put that into practice. And, like that party, it’s essential to find a proper leader behind whom the supporters can rally with confidence that they’re on the right track. I think we all agree that Charles Green is certainly not that man.

    Best of luck, Garry.

    • Point taken, i am in no position to call something crap that i have not yet witnessed – except perhaps Coronation street, i’m convinced that’s crap.

      When I referred to the accounts i wasn’t particularly meaning going through the accounts with a fine comb but rather the blatantly obvious details in the accounts that showed the people being paid by EBT’s (although not calling it that directly). I agree, with hindsight that the shareholders should also have been asking these questions at the AGM’s however i think we were all (myself included) duped into believing that David Murray was the messiah of business and to Rangers. Perhaps now a bit older and in a professional capacity of taking nothing for granted (27 next week, not looking good) i would not be so blindly influenced by red top press; but i was at the time and that is now past. No one questions things when they are going well i suppose, well – very few.

      You are correct about the Rangers fans welcoming Whyte with open arms, it is for questioning the man from day 1 that got me effectively sin died from so many Rangers supporters groups (poor me…)

      Like yourself i am doubtful of football next season due to the time between now and then. I am pretending that there will be because the authorities seem to keep telling me that there will – even releasing fixtures for us to play, yet the authorities themselves have not yet issued a license (or transfered one to be precise).

      I believe your analogy regarding political parties to be accurate – and again regarding Charles Green. I do not have an issue with Charles Green per say, if we can use each other – him to make a fast buck and us to relaunch a team – then there is a certain honour amongst thieves so to speak, but as his intentions are so unclear…it is difficult to guess what will happen.

      What i do know, and what i am willing to put out there right now is that whoever does own Rangers, i will cringe in my bed every night if it ends up being a disaster like John brown or Sandy Jardine. Footballers are not always renowned for their intellect; and those two are a prime example of why.

      We need someone to appeal to the whole Rangers fan-base, not the noddy element that blindly follow on the simple basis someone is a ‘Ranjurs man’.

      I have never bought this ‘Rangers man’, ‘Celtic man’ crap. I remember my mate wanting rid of Gordon Strachan because he was not a ‘Celtic man’ yet when reminded of the disasters of the Dalgleish era and later the Mowbery reign he still insists that only a ‘Celtic man’ should be doing the job; a Celtic man as opposed to the ‘Right man’. The same goes for the ownership of Rangers, it does not need to be a ‘Rangers man’ in charge, it needs to be a sensible and honest man that will do the right thing by the club – someone with ability, no matter who he supports or if he even likes football at all he has to be the ‘Right man’ and believe me, from the PR disasters that i have seen from Brown and Jardine – neither are that man.

  3. k Says:

    Hi Garry, straight to the point “the Ranjurs” need someone now, big style everybody kens that, not just someone the rangers supporters accept, but also someone all of Scotlands football supporters accept.
    Now i know that this will seem absurd (moneyisgod). I reckon that this person should be you, and i know a lot of decent and Noble people who would back you up, What do you think of that Garry.

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