Are You Ready Scottish Football? A Revolution is Coming…….

The last couple of weeks have seen a sharp scurry of movement in the Rangers saga.

First of all we have seen the inevitable liquidation of Rangers, the order for criminal investigation, a resounding ‘get to fuck’ Newco and all sorts of rubbish over why Rangers ‘fans’ were to blame.

Scottish football will kick off its season in a brand new light this coming August. For the first time in over 100 years the league will kick off without one of its biggest clubs – Rangers. As of August, the Scottish leagues (premier division – Division 3) will kick off without Rangers. That is now my stern belief. Glasgow Rangers are the new Third Lanark, gone to the doldrums of time to be talked about by nostalgic Grandfathers in moons to come. Make no mistake about it; Rangers are gone forever.

Years of horrific management at the top end of the club has spoilt the club for everyone – especially its fans. I do not and will never buy into the belief that Rangers fans are to blame for this mess. Were Rangers fans prone to a superiority complex when they were winning? You are damned right they were – as would anyone in such a position. That’s what happens in football or indeed any walk of life. Success breeds arrogance it is human nature to feel such. It is just unfortunate that the arrogance was on a false pre-tense.

Should the fans have been asking more questions? With hindsight yes, but then I don’t remember the questioning Grenta fans making any difference, the Airdrie fans, The Motherwell Fans, the Livingston fans nor dare I say it the Celtic fans asking a plethora of questions, and those that were – made no difference when their own clubs were in turmoil.

Is the decision not to allow a Rangers ‘newco’ into the SPL the right one? You would need to say yes, of course it is. In the interests of ‘integrity’ it was the only natural choice to say no. Football clubs needed to show to their fans that the game meant more than money. I have no doubt in my brain that more chairmen would have liked to accept Rangers in through self -preservation – but they did not budget for the overwhelming response from football fans of every club, in their desire to see some justice. Perhaps the fans DO still matter, a victory for those whom the game should really be about.

Rangers fans threatening to boycott away grounds? That was narrow minded stupidity, anger and arrogance that needed stomped out. Then again, Celtic supporter’s organisations threatening the same consequences unless there was a ‘no’ vote, was just as bad – so the ‘halo’ can be brought straight off the heads of that lot in a hurry too. ‘Blackmail’ is no excuse for anything, no matter the nobility of the cause.

The end result of all of this is the same, and what I really want to think about:

Where does Scottish Football go now?

There are a lot of people out there who like to pain the doom and gloom picture. I am not here to do so. What must be ensured though is that clubs in the SPL do not suffer massive consequences for effectively doing the right thing.

No one can really say how this whole situation is now going to pan out, so to speak. There is nothing but time that can truly say if SPL teams will be able to budget effectively, if their income will be substantially cut, if their attendances will rise or fall, if others will fail under the strain of their own financial problems etc. etc. etc.

It is impossible to say, the end result can only be judged effectively after probably five years without Rangers.

Initially you may get increased attendances in home grounds but it is sustaining those that will be key. Only time will tell what will happen there.

Sponsorship? You never really know how adversely effected that will become. At the end of the day, the SPL has fallen in quality in recent years at any rate and therefore in difficult financial times who is to say such sponsors would not have made lower bids even with Rangers involvement. No one can tell.

Personally, I can see part-time football on the cards for even some of Scotland’s senior clubs. I am not going to relate that to the Rangers situation, I think it is a path that was bound to be trodden at some point in the near future. Obviously the Rangers situation will probably not help but I think it is only one of many factors that are increasingly evident every day in Scotland. The game is on its way down; only massive changes in society will improve that. I’m not saying it isn’t possible, just unlikely.

One other….matter of interest. I wonder how the likes of Hugh Keevins et al must be feeling. After all, their phone in programme etc. has been forever known as the Rangers and Celtic show with both sets of supporters either greetin/gloating/ or moaning…..with only Celtic left, will they now find themselves out of a job? Most probably.

There is no doubt that this is a time for wholesale changes to Scottish football. This sudden dawn without Rangers will most certainly be a catalyst. The question is: a catalyst for the projection of the Scottish game or one for its death.

Only time will tell…….

It is the responsibility of every fan, everyone – to get behind their own club and increase its revenue etc. to the max. If this is really to be a change for the better; then everyone best be prepared to work for it – because it won’t just happen itself.

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3 Comments on “Are You Ready Scottish Football? A Revolution is Coming…….”

  1. Mik Says:

    This must have been a hard one to write, I agree I cant see a Rangers in any form this season. And any future team will be a shadow of what has gone before. The only way forward is the Clyde model, fan ownership, The current custodians of Ibrox need to sell the Albion and Murray zPark to recoup their investment. Then look at a lease/rental agreement for Ibrox to a fan owned club starting at the bottom and working thier way up, and hey bg the time they reach the SPL, It might be a league worth playing jn

    • Cheers, to be honest i think fan ownership is the worst thing that could happen to Rangers on one simple basis: the fans groups could not agree over the colour of shite…to put it politely.

      There are,i’d say….three or four main Rangers supporters groups who all have their own agenda, vision and views that would never suffice to see eye to eye on the future of the club.

      Some of the groups are blind by bigotry, others whom are against the bigoted aspect, some who have fought for years for scraps from Murrays table and others who couldn’t rganise a school tuck shop let alone a football club.

      There is no unity in the Rangers support, some are actually behind Green….like they were Whyte. Some are behind Brown, some Jardine, some Smith….some just live in plain denial that this is happening at all.

      What Rangers need is a wee guy with a bunnet that sets out his stall that he is looking for a long term investment. Buy Rangers cheap…spend wisely and sell for a highly inflated price some 5 years down the line. That is not an impossible feat. Unfortunately i do not see anyone with such interest in making this investment and therefore the club is at the mercy of messers such as Green and Whyte who are interested in a fast buck.

      I honestly believe that there is money to be made investing in Rangers at the low prices being branded around for their assets. Just take it on, accept any punishments in any league and effectively ‘roll with it’. The problem is that it would take someone with more than a minor interest in the club to achieve such and no one seems interested and for that reason and that reason alone, i think it is safe to say Rangers are as good as dead.

  2. Garry, I genuinely feel for you over this, mate. You’re one of very few Rangers fans I know who has been capable of asking the right questions and keeping an open mind about what the answers will be.

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