I have, probably stupidly, been reading some twitter comments this morning on the Rangers liquidation. Plenty comments out there so lets just pick a few:

“I hear from decent sources Celtic will vote to let NewCo Rangers in SPL so they can keep the veto vote. Businesses before sport”

…and anyone who thought otherwise is clearly a moron (not intended at the original poster by the way).  I would say that it is almost guaranteed that Celtic will vote ‘Yes‘ to Rangers emerging in the SPL again. They would be insane not to. I, for one, am not going to go down the route that ‘Celtic need Rangers’  as I am aware that Celtic can function without Rangers. What I am also sure of is that Rangers are good for business in the eyes of Celtic.

Let us think of that. Have Rangers banished to the third division with no Old Firm games unless there is a cup draw; potential harm to any current T.V. deal, Sponsorship deals et al. Contrast that with Rangers remaining in the SPL (with probably penalties): No immediate threat of competition, a significant chance of continuity in the TV and Sponsorship deals or at least significantly better terms, the chance to tell your fans you are stuffing your old rivals…………………WHY O WHY would Celtic NOT want that?

Celtic WILL vote for Rangers entry into the SPL, because it makes SENSE.

Rangers players have been told by PFA boss Fraser Wishart that they can walk away from a Rangers newco”

As i touched on my other blog last night: Players can walk away. In my opinion, with the uncertainty surrounding the club i expect the majority of players to walk away and those who stay will not be ” true blues” just….no good enough for another club.

“Boycott the The Sun, please retweet……Scum”

“Any rangers fan buys a paper from now on should hang there (their?) head in shame … Boycott of all papers!!!”

Why? It would appear that some feel the story of Rangers liquidation should be brushed under the carpet and forgotten about. Yes, we all know that there will be horrible inaccuracies in the print – but then, that is the joys of the press – they print, quite literally – what they want at times. No need to go getting all upset. It’s not personal, it just sells papers.

“Resounding >80% of RANGERS FANS polled on our social media would prefer us to play in Div 3 over being reinstated in SPL with NO sanctions.”

I knew that this would be a popular choice amongst the Rangers support. What i would like someone to do however is to point out the feasibility of such, and also – the financial implications.

“Sky & ESPN would not show 40+ SPL games with no Rangers involvement. Viewing figures for games of teams out with Glasgow are < Eng Conference”

That is not only true, but a sad indication of how low our game has now sank (in general). Part time football in the SPL soon? I wouldn’t write it off.

“The Herald claims that 2 previous bidders may challenge Charles Green by making renewed bids for Rangers.”

This was always going to happen, and as i touched on last night – could be a disaster for Rangers. The longer that this situation now drags out then the greater chance that Rangers may spend a season away from football. A season is a long time for fans to become lost to not only Rangers, but the game. This would be catastrophic in any Rangers future. Rangers must strike when the iron is hot, otherwise they may never fully recover.

“All this talk about fan ownership, fuck me!! The big hitter ‘Rangers fans’ didn’t come up with cash then, why would they now?”

Again, very true. Perhaps we should separate support from business. Buying ‘Rangers’ last week was a poor business move. Buying ‘Rangers’ today – is a significantly better business deal.

The mhedia here would have you believe we are gone, not so, it’s the PLC not RFC.”

That is a bit like saying, “Old Wullie has died, but his spirit lives on”. That is all very good and well but his spirit is fuck all use for a conversation, or to tap you a fiver when your skint. Just saying.

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