It’s that…Bunging Feeling Of Being Alone….It’s The Way It Makes You Screech ….

Well, a lot has happened in the last week and also been documented on the BBC so the point of comment is limited.

I do not have a lot of time so I will bullet point some things that crossed my mind during the BBC programme:

  • David Murray did not invest a penny of his own wealth into Rangers. This may come as a bit of a surprise to many; after all – David Murray would have you all believe he was funding Rangers to the hilt. The truth is that very few people invest their cash into a limited company except to the value of the shares that they own (could be £1). The fact David Murray had other business interests that increased his ability to borrow money to fund Rangers is hardly uncommon. People do not invest their own hard-earned money into ANY limited company where they do not have to. Look at Man Utd, Liverpool….there is little to no risk in the buyout of these clubs. Indeed, the potential new Rangers owner Charles Green looks to be taking a similar route…LEND Rangers £8.2million for a CVA that if accepted will then become a debt to Rangers (Probably with interest) and therefore without doing ANYTHING Charles Green will have made a profit from simply BUYING Rangers…..strange world eh?
  • Someone should really have a word with Graeme Souness in all of this. Over many years I have always found it strange how this man has maintained some form of relationship with both Sir David Murray and Glasgow Rangers. The news that, randomly…£30’000 was deposited in an EBT fund for Mr Souness only weeks prior to signing Tugay – is interesting. Was it a ‘bung’? It is hard to tell….Tugay went on to become a very successful player for Blackburn and therefore perhaps proving such would be difficult. My question would be: was there any further financial connection between souness and Rangers? By this I mean – Souness signed more than Tugay from Rangers in his various management roles. Did he not sign Barry Ferguson? Or that French idiot that was possibly one of the most useless defenders to grace football: Boumbsong? I remember a hefty fee being paid for this guy – £7/8 Million? Were there more transactions similar to the Tugay one; or was this simply brown envelope ones instead? Something strange about it all.
  • Mark Daly done a fantastic job; managing to get all of the information required to factually publish his programme. So why the staged phone call at the end? Why add dramatic fiction to a factual, and credible show? Pointless.
  • TO the many who paddled the famous phrase,” Fuck the BBC” only moments after last Wednesdays show: Get real. DO you honestly believe that the BBC – answerable to both Government and licence payer (most of us) would be allowed by their extensive team of legal advisors to publish a show with potential to be greatly defamatory without stone hard evidence? Do not be ridiculous. This was not about agenda against Rangers – this was about exposing the truth to the masses, rather than to a minority of internet dwellers that already knew the vast majority of what was seen on the show.

Further to the show; news of Rangers appeal to the Court of Session was released. A ‘victory’ for Rangers, in showing that the SFA acted Ultra Vires in its decision to impose a transfer embargo.

I must at this point raise my hand – I called it wrong. I used to use of the word ‘discretion’ in the SFA articles to justify their convergence from the explicitly stated punishments available in their legislation. As I was not the only one to do so, indeed if Lord Carloway can also make such a Judgement then I can’t be considered as being stupid in such an interpretation. However, the Court has decided that I was wrong and therefore that is a decision we must now deal with.

The question is: what does this decision now mean? Well, in a nutshell we now have this:

  • The fine Rangers received was already the maximum – so it cannot be increased.
  • ‘Expulsion’ was already regarded as ‘too harsh’ and cannot therefore be used now with retrospect.
  • FIFA cannot impose sanctions on Rangers, only the SFA
  • UEFA can impose sanctions on clubs – but haven’t opened their mouth yet
  •  The SFA will probably try to go with the embargo – leading to another visit to the court.
  •  This could really go round in circles for quite some time unless the SFA expel Rangers….or just give in.
  •  one thing is for sure – there is a lot of upset people out there…

The SFA have really backed themself into a corner on this one. Exclude Rangers from the Scottish Cup? Seems the simple route for them to take to appease both FIFA and the courts, but will it appease the sponsors? We say money should not rule integrity in sport, the simple fact is that it does and will continue to do so.

I have no idea where the SFA will go with this one to be honest, but I await with bated breath.

PS) I have been hearing a whole host of  rumours recently regarding Sir David Murray and Dave King being served ‘international arrest warrants’ for Money Laundering. I think someone has been watching too many TV programmes. If indeed Sir David Murray was being investigated for money laundering through Murray International Metals then it would almost certainly fall under U.K. Jurisdiction and therefore no need for any international warrants.

There is another rumour that has gone almost ‘viral’ on the internet that there is another ‘explosive, bigger than ever’ story to be released about Rangers. I’m not going to sit on the fence about this any longer. In the day and age where an ‘exclusive’ story is a major coup I do not see the point in someone posting/ teasing that they have a ‘major story’ without publishing it in some form. First of all, why on earth tease that you have a story – leading lots of others to scurry to the bottom of it and potentially publish it before you when you can stay silent and guarantee exclusivity. Secondly, short of the ‘major story’ relating to ‘bungs’ paid at some point then the obvious ‘match fixing’ I think people would be now rather desensitized to anything involving ‘tax avoidance’ or similar schemes.

If I turn out to be wrong, I will again hold up my hands: but the mass hysteria of awaiting this ‘major’ story is becoming somewhat of a social experiment by certain internet ramblers.

When someone starts publishing some things that we do not know as a ‘teaser’, then I will take heed. Until then, it is simply the playground chant of ‘I know something you don’t know’ for attention.

Briefly returning to the Mark Daly programme, and in relation to the above. There MUST have been another scheme on the go at Ibrox over the years because the whole EBT scheme does not make ANY sense any longer since Mark Daly published the players that were involved.

Why are some players on the list, some of them ‘rubbish’ players on lower salaries (one would suspect) yet other,more successful players were not? Why were loan players, Thomas Mhyre? The big tall striker fellow Nieto? on the list of players paid through EBT? It doesn’t add up.

There appears to be no evidence to suggest that Walter Smith was on the EBT scheme yet at the same time Alex Mccleish and Paul Le Guen were? (The two managers before him)

I know EBT are ‘discretionary’ but there appears to be absolutely no ‘form’ for their use. If only the highest paid players were on EBT then i would understand their use clearly, but the sporadic use of the system for me does not show a structured and thoughtful implementation of a tax scheme but rather a reckless and dangerous action with little thought or concern for the potential outcome.

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