And It’s Goodnight From Him…..

There have been more twists and turns in the Ibrox takeover saga (I presume we can call it a saga by this stage) than on the ‘grand national’ at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

1. As recent revelations have transpired; it appeared there was hope at the end of a long and dark tunnel. Bill Miller: the American Knight. Ok, so he hardly had a full coat of shining armour but his plan for Rangers was seemingly, the only realistic way forward.

A ‘Newco’ Rangers as a carbon copy of the traditional Rangers, eventually merging as one. Clever, eh?

Sadly, as a walked past the T.V. in work around 9pm last night I couldn’t help but notice the scrolling yellow bar across the screen, signalling for me, the final nail in the Rangers coffin.

Personally, I was all for Bill Miller and his idea. I have no idea exactly what Bill Miller thought he was getting himself into. I have no idea why Bill Miller would have wanted to buy Rangers. It doesn’t make much financial sense. There is no money to be made in Scottish Football. Absolutely no money of any significance whatsoever, to a businessman on this level. Ask Celtic, they are probably the most financially sound of all Scottish clubs, they turn a profit fairly often, but none of the shareholders are walking away to the Caribbean on the strength of it: it is not the nature of football in Scotland.

Bill Miller had a dream, apparently: to own one of the world’s greatest institutions (sic). One that he had neither heard of, nor been interested in; only weeks earlier.

2. As I have already pointed out, I think a ‘newco’ Rangers would have waltzed into the SPL next season with no sanctions against it and resumed as per normal. My reason for thinking this is rather simple: the shoe fits. All of the SPL chairmen (Dunfermline aside, for obvious reasons to avoid relegation) have more or less stated that having Rangers in the league is a necessity, not an option. Many chairmen have branded around figures of £600’000 – £1’000’000 that they stand to lose should Rangers revenue not be an option to them. The clubs couldn’t handle this not without major changes.

That is not my real reason for a Rangers ‘newco’ entering the fray sanction free. The reason so many SPL chairmen appeared willing to let Rangers in sanction free is simple: they all liked the idea laid out by Bill Miller. Hearts, Kilmarnock, United….all clubs with harrowing debts. To wipe them out and walk straight back into the league again sanction free: GEEZIT!!!

Everyone has happily said, “Rangers need to be punished but…”. The only BUT in the sentence is that not one single person has ever come out with a viable punishment.

There has been many gripes from fans themselves that they will not return to football should Rangers walk in the door, clean as a whistle. Many fans have demanded they will never return to the game due to a loss of sporting integrity blah blah etc.

Like the chairmen of the clubs were prepared to do; I was also prepared to call their bluff. Naturally, there will be a few people who take the moral stance, and I respect that. The majority were talking out of a hole in their arse to be frank.

Come the start of the new season, their team makes a few signings, releases a new strip, the media hype about the new season begins. At this stage, all moral stance (for the majority) would disappear and the idea of teaching the new Rangers a lesson and returning to the football would be all too appealing to the majority who would jump off the moral fence and get straight back to their teams ground.  It would happen; everyone knows it. Like sticking to a new diet; only a few succeed long term.

3.  Bill Miller, as I touched on earlier, has walked away from Rangers. He claims that the initial figures given to him were both fanciful and inaccurate. That is a worrying thing for anyone to say. The question that all Rangers fans should be asking is exactly what other elephants are lurking in the Rangers closet? What has Bill Miller seen that no one else seems to know, or be reporting about?

If things are worse than we know them right now: Rangers are a plug due pulling. There will be no saving the club.

4. Duff and Phelps are another crew needing investigated. As touched on by others: Administrators are supposed to act in the interests of the creditors, not the supporters as they keep referring to in their statements. Perhaps they are acting in the interest of one particular ‘creditor’ thought. Craig Whyte. This cosy relationship between the two parties, and the recent investigation by the Police that they have withheld information from them regarding the takeover, quite frankly: Stinks.


How many vultures can pick at the bones of this club before it is dry?

Reference to the last day in May seems paramount to the administrators. The men that have run up a bill for themselves that could be anywhere between £2’500’000 – £3’000’000. Thursday, May 31st 2012 could very well be the day that the door on Ibrox is closed, and the gate padlocked shut. May 31st could very well be the day everyone is FORCED to walk away; or be done for loitering.


The whole administration has been a disgrace. Long, drawn out, and with absolutely no results. It has taken since February to announce a preferred bidder only for him to march away in four days.


Duff & Phelps have now announced a further 3 ‘bidders’ for Rangers. Considering there has never been a contractual bid for Rangers so far are we to believe that 3 new faces have marched in with their cash in hand. Bollocks!!  As of date, there has not BEEN a BID for Rangers in the slightest.


5. I see there has been a plethora of press releases and TV appearances from Mr Dingwall recently. I actually wish this man would go and take a jump from a very high cliff. He has no personality for T.V : indeed he sits glum and rather stupid looking. He has limited intelligence and limited ability to answer questions ad lib. If it is not in his script; he looks uneasy. Now, let me give the guy some credit; I am sure such instant TV fame was not quite what he signed up for but he should be being advised better or perhaps hiring some form of spokesperson to act on his, and the Rangers ‘fans’ behalf. More than once has he allowed the situations at hand to get on top of him and allowing for a Freudian slip that shows too much bitterness beneath the surface.


I have no idea if the man gets paid to do the job. I have no idea of the man’s qualifications etc. all I know is that I wish I didn’t see his mush with such regularity because I don’t think he asks the right questions, gives the right answers or does anything other than look for someone to blame in this whole saga rather than find a suitable way forward.

6. I no longer see any deal being done for Rangers.  Rangers WILL be liquidated in the coming months and that will be the end of that particular saga. I have no doubt that some form of ‘new’ Rangers will develop but it would be impossible to put a time-scale on such.


What I will say is this. Without Rangers in the SPL the other clubs may vote on ‘newco’ rules favourably for the reason I mentioned earlier. Indeed, with the bank etc. on their backs can certain SPL clubs afford life without Rangers in the short term? I would say the only way Scottish football can move forward is if a number of clubs were to form as a newco and continue on unscathed in the league: effectively starting a fresh and with new budget settings.


Celtic as perhaps the only club that could maintain some form of credibility in standard. The standard elsewhere, with such a large hole in their budget, will drop. That is inevitable, unless clubs start producing little Brazilians overnight.


My recommendation for Celtic would be, if in any way possible, get out. I know it is not for the want of trying but without Rangers it is no longer a wish for Celtic to escape Scottish football but a darn necessity to continue in their own current form. I have no doubt Celtic would still be a big club, but no one can become what they want by remaining what they are.  Reduced revenue, no competitiveness: in time, that will affect Celtic.


Like any small village, there are always a couple of big players. They are big players in the small town, and that can be comfortable, but to really become a big player you need to prove yourself out with the small pond you call home. As is stands, Rangers won’t get that chance. Big rival or not, Celtic may be the only viable option to fly the flag for Scotland and for that; I wish them well. It is not their fault nor should they suffer for financial prudence on their own behalf and not on the behalf of others.


Celtic need out thought; or they may suffocate in such a small pond.


For fear of becoming the Ian Beale of Scottish football: Celtic need out. Indeed, they may be the biggest and best businessman in the square but really, does any of that matter when there is a big wide world of riches out there? Ripe for a club of that size?


7. Finally, the picture above taken at Ibrox at the weekend.




Sorry, what I actually meant there was:




Asset stripping is the very very least of Rangers troubles. As it stands, there IS no Rangers. I am afraid when there is only one train left out of town, you best grab it. Otherwise, it is all going to bed.






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