Helping No One: Pointless Propaganda

I find myself increasingly frustrated.

I take absolutely no pleasure in Rangers current situation, indeed it breaks my heart in the same way it would break the heart of any football fan to find their club in the same position.

Personally, I find myself as a realist. I don’t shirk or hide; I don’t blame or lash out at others. Rangers are in this situation because of the actions of a few. It is not the Rangers supporters fault no matter how many others would like to tar the support as being gullible and not asking questions. Utter bullshit! I am not here to point score; but the actions of a few do not surmount to genuine fans that paid their way year after year for a product.

What I do now hate is the propaganda machine that is pouring from certain aspects of the Rangers support. I have mentioned before that I am banned from numerous Rangers supporters’ forums etc. for voicing an opinion and view a long time ago. I was ‘done away with’ so to speak. Funnily enough, I was 99.9% correct in everything that I said; but it didn’t quite fall upon welcome ears so instead of listening to what I had to say I was banished for saying bad things those bad boys done and ran away.

I am not looking for sympathy. I am not looking for point scoring or a pat on the back. I just wish that folk would bloody listen.

Tonight, in attempt to break from a harrowing piece of academic work surrounding the confusing nature of case law regarding ‘the planning unit’  in Scots law; I ventured onto twitter to find quite possibly the most dire thing that I have ever had the misfortune of reading.

In my usual format I will copy, paste and comment below:


A Limited Company – a legal entity which owns assets and liabilities with the purpose of seeking profit (“Company” or “legal entity”)

Fair enough, a rather neat summary of a limited company but one that I am willing to deal with.

Newco – the continuation of a company in a legal format; usually taking assets from the OldCo whilst it’s liquidated (“NewCo”)

Not quite. A newco is not the continuation of a company at all. It is a NEW company that might just bare a 99% resemblance to the old company that it walks, talks and acts like but it is not a ‘continuation’ by any manner of means.

A Football Club – a community formed by fans working towards a common goal (“Club”)

If you want it to be. It could also be: a business, a company, a charity, a partnership or a whole host of things.

Rangers FC, the club, the community, was formed by the Gallant Pioneers in 1872.

The Rangers Football Club PLC was incorporated on 27 May 1899. This is the legal entity which holds the Club’s assets and liabilities, the legal entity which seeks profit to its shareholders, and the legal entity which the Club aims to progress on.

Yeah okay I will accept most of that. As things stand it probably will earn a profit for a shareholder: Craig Whyte.

As we are all painfully aware, the Limited Company as a profit making business and going concern legal entity has failed by the fact it has entered into an insolvency process.

Ok. Are we accepting this now because I have heard wayyyyy too many conflicting views on Rangers as having ‘failed’.
The Club has not failed. From 1872 to 2012, fans continue to support Rangers Football Club as a Club not as a legal entity. We support the Club, the community that bonds Rangers fans; Bill Struth‘s words, Rangers 1972 European team, its miserable lows in the 1980’s, its 9 in a row team, its title winning #54 team, its losing 2011/12 team. Did 48 thousand fans turn up to see Rangers old boys vs. Ac Milan Glorie in support of the Club, or the Company?

Very interesting point. The rhetorical question at the end I mean. Actually my answer is: the company. Prior to the game much publicity was drummed up regarding the match being a fundraiser (as opposed to a charity event as it was first advertised prior to administration). The fundraiser was for the ‘company’ not the ‘club’ if this is a comparison we want to make between the two.

The fundraiser was for the company; the one that is in administration and the one that is in dire financial straits. If the game did not have such an attraction added to it where fans felt they were helping in the immediate continuation of the club then the attendance might not have been so high for the match. In fact, as much as there were many fantastic ex-pro’s on show that evening interest in the match had been only moderate until administration and an announcement that Rangers would profit from the match as opposed to the charity foundation. (As such)

The Legal Entity is simply the body which is required by law to hold the assets and liabilities, can open a bank account, can take out a loan, can be floated on the stock exchange etc. It is not who the players play for – they play for the Club; the fans, the community, the history.

No. It IS who the players play for. The players are tied to a contract with the company. It is that legal entity that deposits cash into their bank account on a regular basis. Do the players play for the fans? No more so than the latest movie blockbuster at the cinema does. The fans (the club) may derive entertainment from the players/movie but it is designed with profit making purposes, or in a footballing sense; success.

If we are going to split the company and the club into two different organisations as such then I am afraid the players stay with the company. It is the company that hold the players contracts; not the fans, the community or the history.

Although there are concerns over the SPL shamelessly and utterly ludicrously moving the goalposts on NewCo in a deliberate attempt to punish Rangers FC, regardless of Rangers’ format next week or in six months or in six years, the Club will still exist. Rangers fans won’t forget the SPL’s tactics and other club’s attempts to kick Rangers when they’re down. Rangers will exist after David Murray, after Craig Whyte, after the new owners, after the owners after them regardless of the legal format.

They have moved the goalposts. I have written extensively on how I believe the move being of benefit to any ‘newco’ as opposed to a punishment. The punishments that are proposed would appear, prima facie, to (in not so many words) promise Rangers direct entry into the SPL as opposed to starting on the lower rung of the Scottish game. A move that I have stated is in self-preservation.

Did The Celtc Football and Athletic Company Ltd (incorporated by Fungas in 1994) lose its history from 1888? Or since 1897 when Celtc incorported? Did the Celtc fans refuse to support this legal entity, or did they continue to support their Club?

No. Of course they didn’t. There is a difference. A company comes with a company number; by forming a ‘newco’ this company number would change. It would change and therefore the ‘company’ and in real terms the ‘club’ would begin a fresh.

This is not what happened to Celtic. Celtic were bought over by Fergus Mccann and therefore did not ‘fold’ so to speak. All that happened is that the name of the company changed. The company was still the same.

If I were to marry my girlfriend tomorrow she may choose to change her surname to ‘MacInnes’ as many married couples do. This would in turn change her name obviously. It does not mean that she could march into the bank and say, “ I have changed my name so see that overdraft I owe you……ye best forget about it”.

Her name would change, but she would still remain the same legal entity. She would still be responsible for her own debts, her own liabilities and keep intact her own ‘history’.

That is all that happened to Celtic. The company number remained the same. Liquidation of Rangers and the formation of a ‘newco’ would change that number and that liability. It would not be the same thing.

I hate this argument because it is embarrassing. It is clutching at straws.

Businesses fail. Legal entities fail. Rangers FC as a Club will move on.


Perhaps, but as things stand that is in a little limbo right now.
If Rangers got beat next week, we will continue to support the Club. If the legal entity gets beat, we should continue to support the Club.

Admirable and very true on the most part.

What WE need to understand is that the exit of administration through a CVA looks approximately 99% sure to fail. The only way that Rangers can continue is through a ‘newco’. If I am proved wrong on this matter then fine, I will raise a glass to the saviour and go on my merry way with a nice long apology. I look forward to it. Sadly, I don’t see that as being an apology that I will need to make.

Hate me for that sentiment if you want but I haven’t quite been wrong yet now have I? So form would suggest that I might just know what I am talking about a little more than most.

This is not about Celtic. This is about Rangers and the sooner everyone realises this the better. Stop trying to justify Rangers through Celtic. Celtic FC has many a shameful incident in their history but I am afraid bringing those subjects up or retaliating with such will solve absolutely nothing. We have plenty of our own.

It may appear that Celtic fans are ‘obsessed’ with the Rangers issue. Who really cares? What Celtic fans want to do is their own prerogative it is time that Rangers fans started concentrating on Rangers right now. No one is saying that there is a magical fix to this problem but running around looking for someone to blame is only going to detract from the situation that is at hand.

Statements such as this one are horrific reading. It may drum up some support among the usual suspects but c’mon are we really ALL going to buy this pointless ‘propaganda’? It is time to face facts. The fact is that Rangers might not see out 2012. If this is the case then starting again and getting on with it is the best that can be hoped for.

This piece comes in accordance with the new twitter trend, “no to Bill Miller”. As it stands Bill Miller is the only person willing to try and take a Rangers ‘newco’ forward. Who else are you going to relay on.

Sometimes a train might not quite be going to the destination you want. However, if it is the last train available, and headed in your general direction. It is time to buy a ticket and strap yourself in for the ride.

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