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I am just going to let this speak for itself.

Anyone that wishes to challenge the piece, feel free to do so.

Stolen from one of them Rangers forums.


ANY Rangers shareholder has the legal right to challenge the deal which saw David Murray sell the club to Craig Whyte.

That is the astonishing news I can exclusively reveal, as Rangers supporters rally to save the club and free it from the tainted grip of the now seriously under scrutiny Whyte.

David Murray, in typical style, muddied the waters last week when he claimed there was no legal mechanism in place for him to reacquire Rangers, even if Whyte had not fulfilled the obligations he signed up to in the contract which transferred Murray’s majority shareholding to him for a quid.

However, what Murray did not make clear is that under corporate law, which covers the terms of the agreement, any Rangers shareholder who does not believe Whyte has fulfilled his obligations CAN challenge the deal in court.

There are 26,000 small Rangers shareholders out there and each and every one of them has the legal right to step up and challenge the legality of the deal.

That’s a lot of people from diverse backgrounds. And the 26,000 MUST include Rangers supporters who are lawyers, accountants , wealthy and successful businessmen, and others who know the ins and outs of corporate law and takeovers.

I believe one of them may be preparing just such a move. And it would explode as a bombshell for the beleaguered Whyte.

It would also of course drag David Murray back into the mess, though some would say he has a moral obligation to help clean it up, as the mess was of his own making.

However, any such move, would also make it easier for Paul Murray to move in and start returning Rangers to a sound and safe financial footing.

In fact, if more than one Rangers shareholder instigates a move against Whyte, that would put the Whyte camp under even more pressure and allow the contract between him and Murray to be forensically examined under the public gaze in open court.

Rangers supporters would then get the chance to see just what conditions David applied to the contract which he and Whyte signed, the deal which as led to Rangers being placed in administration and having ten points deducted, effectively handing the title to Celtic.


THERE will be more tomorrow on this astonishing development and how it could even boost the Ibrox finances.

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7 Comments on “The Rumour Mill……”

  1. Gwared Says:

    Garry, I hope you realise I am a Celtic fan and whilst I do not want to see Rangers die I certainly want to see them punished for the innapropriate behaviour of the past.
    Regardless of that wee charlatans behaviour he was instilled to oversee the admin/liquidation of Rangers. If it is revoked it still leaves Rangers in the calamitous nightmare of huge debts to be repaid over a decade which will financially cripple the Club.
    Surely the best option is to fold go down newco route and return to the SPL at the earliest possible time refreshed, revamped debt free and looking forward rather than back.
    Now I know there will be a wailing and gnashing of teeth about loss of history and dignity etc etc but realistically what other options are there? Newco with future or Old Rangers hamstrung with debt. What’s your choice?

  2. Pretty much the questions that I have raised before in various blogs. I don’t see much of a future based on the current situation.

    No matter how people are placed on the morals of such, I am afraid morals and business do not always collide.

    In my opinion,and it is not one commonly shared among the Rangers faithful, is that a fresh start as a newco would be the best way forward. People can gnash their teeth over lost history all they want, but I would rather lose history than a future.

    Too much emphasis is based on history – in the case of Leeds United I heard someone on SkySportsnews this morning talking about Leeds United ‘wonderful history’. I presume they didn’t refer to the short history the club actually has but rather the previous ‘institution’ that was Leeds united. No history lost there then, appears the general theme.

    Forget morals, forget history the best route for Rangers would be the option that you describe. If the club were welcomed back into the SPL by the others then great, if not – a few years touring the stadia of the clubs dotted about the lower leagues wouldn’t be something I would object to. Unlike some Rangers ‘fans’ – I do not need glory to follow my club.

  3. Gwared Says:

    Thank’s for the respose Garry. Why are the Ranger’s Fan’s not engaging in your blog then? I would have thought they would have been falling over themselves with suggestions rallies etc etc anything to save the Club.
    It’s that apathy that is the biggest surprise, they just don’t want to know, and then of course the knuckledraggers get involed and it becomes an us against the world thing rather than reasoned debate.

  4. Thank’s for the respose Garry. Why are the Ranger’s Fan’s not engaging in your blog then?

    There are many intelligent Ranger fans out there, the law of averages would state that, if nothing else at times.

    My blog has limited readership. Many who read it agree – but don’t post. Celtic and Rangers fans. Those that disagree fall into two main parties : those that cannot be bothered entering in debate and those that are unable to, because they find it impossible of entering into reasonable discussion without developing ‘tourettes’.

    Without making light of a genuine medical condition I render it the only suitable explanation for starting off talking about HMRC & Rangers and ending in a rant about child-abuse at Celtic , Pro-IRA singing or Neil Lennon being a racist. Sadly these are the most common routes for points to go down.

    As you mention later on ‘world against us’. This is one of the problems recently. What Rangers fans need to do is:

    (1) Stop fascinating themselves with Celtic supporters interest in the current crisis.
    (2) Instead, perhaps take a leaf from their book – and look beyond the press releases.
    (3) Stop trying to justify situations like a wounded animal trapped in a corner. Instead of attacking others “Child abuse/IRA singing blah blah etc” – Deal with the mess in your own back garden. For fans that go on and on about ‘dignity’ they are showing a fine example of how to act without it.
    (4) Stop worry about what would happen WITHOUT you and start dealing with the present.

    Finally – realise, just for once, that this is not ABOUT Celtic, this is not ABOUT Scottish Football, it is ABOUT Glasgow Rangers.

    Of Course the club has been at the mercy of some ‘wrong-uns’ but what is done is done, like the History that some of them are so desperate to keep, what is done is done – you cannot simply change the past with some tip-ex and wishful thinking. How life would be so simple if it were.

    I would have thought they would have been falling over themselves with suggestions rallies etc etc anything to save the Club.
    It’s that apathy that is the biggest surprise, they just don’t want to know.

    If the last response was 100% negative then this will defend the Rangers support to some extent.

    Let’s have a look at the facts.

    (1) A potentially large tax liability to HMRC.

    First of all, as much as there is plenty information in cyber space, and apparently many followers, it is still a minority of the general public. From the people that I speak to: Rangers, Celtic, Motherwell and a token Airdrie fan – very few of them actually understand what the EBT scheme etc is all about. I tried myself to simplify the matter in blogs but it still doesn’t register with many.

    The matter is done and dusted. No protest etc. would have any effect on the legal judgement. There HAVE been cries from fans groups etc. for a suitable explanation of the scheme from Sir David Murray. Whilst this is an ongoing concern I doubt that they will receive a response.

    (2) Craig Whytes takeover

    Again, the wheels are in motion regarding an enquiry of such and the matter is currently being investigated by the Police and various other authorities.

    If anything, Rangers fans are guilty of being duped by Craig Whyte. At the time of his takeover I raised the question of exactly what companies he had ‘turned around’. Today, i still havn’t come across any examples of this – yet I can find many that have went ‘tits up’. The PR machine of Craig Whyte being a ‘billionaire’ and ‘turn around expert’ seems to have duped the masses, even still some fans stand by him. I have no idea why.

    Do I blame them for being duped? I am not sure. On one hand, yes, yes I do because when I and a few others tried to ask questions and concerns about Craig Whyte we were fed the party line of, ‘ no one else wants up and the bank is about to pull the plug’.

    I have no idea if Lloyds bank were a certainty to pull the plug at the time, if indeed they were, then the takeover was a rather forced entity. So therefore the other hand would need to say no – I don’t blame them. A forced takeover followed by page after page of PR drivvel in the newspapers certainly made his takeover seem palatable.

    (3) Ticketus + P.A.Y.E

    There is a call for answers on this matter: it eludes us all. Answers need to be given.

    (4) Admin et al

    BOOM the inevitable happened, yet it was still a major shock to approx. 85% of Rangers fans. WHY? Craig Whytes record shows that when he get’s involved with a company, so do the administrators.

    I suppose I am going off track. The problem with this whole situation is that we are dealing with things that have already happened.

    There is no point in a formal protest other than to attract the ‘knuckle-draggers’ to cause a scene. I park my car in Bellahouston Park on matchdays. On my walk to the stadium I pass all sorts of guys claiming to be from Chelsea/ Millwall/ Leeds blah blah etc. Without casting aspersions on people : they look like they are ready to kick off at any time. Couple those with Glasgows own and any formal protest could end up like Manchester when the idiots decided to take control.

    Now, I know you didn’t mention ‘protests’ in your reply I just thought I would answer what others have asked.

    Rallies etc?

    I have thought about this myself. There are many people with an opinion that ‘Rangers will never die’ without backing it up a reason as to why.

    To answer your question, I can think of only one valid reason. It is not particularly ‘apathy’ but more a case of being ill-equiped to deal with such a situation.

    I do not know how the land lays among the Celtic support but as it all too common in society these days, the Rangers support is split by political difference. I don’t personally support or follow any of the various Rangers supporters groups. First of all, I find that I don’t agree with any of them 100%. I must be regarded as some sort of freelance supporter. I have no desire to be involved with the politics of the support.

    This split, or divide, among the Rangers support has created a tension where no one wants to make the first move. The Rangers support has spent the last 25 years without much of a problem and there is still an underlying feeling that ‘someone will sort it out’. There are many with ideas and opinions for the club but there seems to be a lack of real leaders among the Rangers support. You can have all the ideas that you want but without a good leader then that is all they will remain. Whimpers of disregarded advice.

    I would say that the Rangers fans are wean, not in will, not in spirit and not in education but in someone to actually MAKE things happen among them. The leaders of the different supporters groups, who have the platform to achieve such, are just not good enough.

    As for me and my page, the Rangers fans don’t bloody like me. I put my finger on every single bruise within the corridors of Ibrox and within the stands also. It would appear that I don’t always toe the party line and therefore I am not, indeed, ‘a peepelll’.

    • In fact, on that note. There has been calls within the Rangers supporting circles for a new united supporters group/trust to replace the co-existing ones.

      One of the main recommendations for such was that it would contain a new and strong PR style section similar to that of Celtics. Rangers fans know that the Celtic support have got themselves sorted into a very strong and united unit that consistently ask questions of their own club when things are not going well and of the authorities when they feel something is unjust.

      It would appear that he Rangers fans are attempting to get their act together although it may be ultimately too late. What I would say is that there is a realisation that they have been left behind although them may no admit it is explicitly.

      Perhaps the ‘dignity’ that they speak of has been years of ‘laissez faire’ that will inevitably haunt them.

  5. scott Says:

    Y if its the best option to fold the team and start in the lower leagues in england work our way to the top league must be better than starting in the 3rd division in scotland the game in scotland is a dying game very poor level of football in my opinion

    • Yeah this is something that has been floated around by many Rangers fans.

      I have no idea the initial financial implications of such.
      The idea, in theory, sounds remarkably simple and definitely the way forward.

      However, I am guessing that the practicality of such a move would be of significantly more difficulty that one may wish to imagine.

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