Should I Stay Or…Will I Be Made To Go?

Administration was today forced upon Rangers quicker than even the most prevalent of critics could have imagined. In 24hours Rangers went from lodging papers to being faced with a potential HMRC induced administrator. As it stands – there now appears to be a further £9million in tax liability for P.A.Y.E since May 2011. This is strange – along with the rest of the money that is apparently posted missing, does Craig Whyte really have Rangers interests at heart? Not a chance….

Is David Murray going to ride in from the limelight to take over and pay the debts – is he hell…..i wouldnt rule him out of any phoenix company but not this Rangers, not Glasgow Rangers.

Too many fans have been duped by Craig Whyte, many are now coming around the my way of thinking but – it is too late. Some are still defiant that the man has a plan.

Today, Craig Whyte sustained what i would call a major major victory in the Court of Session in being able to appoint his own administrator clutching such from the grasp of HMRC. For Craig Whyte the appointment of Duff & Phelps is a rather cozy situation. An administrator is there to look after ALL creditors. I’m not suggesting that Duff & Phelps won’t do this – but sometimes it is better the devil you know.

Todays victory for Craig Whyte – is possibly the worst thing that could have happened for Rangers in my opinion.

I have been unfortunate enough to be a part of an administration process within a Scottish Premier League club. I have seen the process at first hand and i have been there when staff were hoarded like cattle and asked to enter either one room or another to find out if your job was safe or future endeavoured.

This is a process that must happen now at Ibrox. Obviously out-with a transfer window no players can be sold – however, contracts can be terminated.

Within the next few weeks or probably days many admin staff and other non-essential staff will be asked to clear their desk. I sympathise completely with these people; as should we all. It is not their fault and they have mortgages to pay like everyone else. Very sad.

So what about the others: the playing staff.

Here is my predictions. Within the next few days or weeks the under 19’s will probably be paid off unless they agree to stay and play for nothing effectively.

The first team:

Allan Mcgreor – this man has a sell on value. He may be asked to pay a pay reduction but he has a value and will be kept.

Neil Alexander – i am not so sure about Neil. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was let go

Dorin Goian – Kept and sold in summer

Kirk Broadfoot – Kept

Sasa Papac – am i right in thinking his contract is almost up? If so, goodbye Papac

Lee Wallace – Kept and sold

Steven Whittaker – another with a sell on value, he would be kept.

Carlos Bocanegra – Little sell on value, depends on his wages – a possibility to be let go

Kyle Bartley – i have no idea of the loan agreement between Rangers and Arsenal however if Rangers are paying any portion of his wages as i suspect that they are – back to Arsenal.

Lee Mcculloch – a player that may stay and play for nothing until the summer

Maurice Edu – sell on value, will be kept short-term

Steven Davis – Sell on value, kept

Steven Naismith – probably the most tricky one. If his prognosis is reasonable and a probable return he will e kept for future value. If his injury report keeps him out for longer than a year for instance – he will be let go.

Sone Aluko – No sell on value – could perhaps be offered a contract by administrators but unlikely. Will probably be let go

Matt Mckay – will be let go

Alejandro Bedoya – let go

Mervan Celik – let go

Jamie Ness –  With his injury past – he has no real value. May be kept  if on low wages

Gregg Wylde – kept till summer

Kyle LaffertyFuture value so will be kept

David Healy – no sell on value – if he has low wages, then he will be kept short-term

Salim Kerkar – low wages, kept short-term

Kane Hemmings – depends on wages, if particularly low he will stay if not he will go

Andrew Little – kept short-term

Daniel Cousin – will probably never be seen in a Rangers top unless it is again Killy. He will go

So unless players wish to stay on little to no money that is the situation that could arise.

Anyone who hasn’t been mentioned is either away on loan or will be kept due to their insignificant wages and ability to play.

With todays revelations – i see no light at the end of the Rangers tunnel. As someone who has always said that a new Rangers would be the only feasible way forward – i think that may now be the ONLY situation.

As for the coming weeks ahead – i can see closure of the Broomloan stand and al season ticket holders distributed around the rest of the stadium.

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