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I have been unfortunate enough to listen to the Clyde 1 Radio Phone in today and spent my time cringing at the Rangers fans that were calling in.

The personal attack on Graham Spiers toward the end of the show was all to similar to the ones that i have suffered myself and on a similar level – laughably so.

When taken to task by one very excitable fan, Graham( and i will use his first name for numerous reasons) openly admitted – as he has in the past – that he is a lifelong Rangers supporter.

As am i.

I have also had the pleasure of listening to Rangers fans that cannot read newspaper print call Neil Lennon ‘deluded’ before firing into a million different ‘reasons the SPL needs Rangers…’. It’s almost like they are reciting a poem now. Read the story ‘troops’. What Lennon said was the truth, accurate and no where near some of the headlines that i have seen printed.

And now for the point of such a post:

Just because a lifelong Rangers supporter decides to take issue with the club that he loves it does not mean that he loves it less.Rather than stand back in the bowels of Ibrox chanting the famous slogan of ‘No surrender’ perhaps – as time has done so should we move on from blind faith in those in office. Perhaps, just for once in our existence we should now stand up and ask questions. Simple ones: Who? Where? Why? When?. The club has gone from extreme to extreme and finds itself on the cusp of potential Armageddon yet according to some – it is US, the fans asking questions that are the cancer within.

I give you this. It is too late for answers to be given that can be acted upon. The damage has been done – a patch up job not impossible but for any patch up job to be correctly it will require truth and transparency. As a PLC there should be transparency but the club is now breaking black letter law in attempt to hide its recent activity.

Who the hell are YOU, the fan that would rather blame this on ‘conspiracy’ with no burden of proof to ask and to challenge fans like me and my friend Graham that consistently ask questions based on both fact and intuition that only someone who truly loves the club would ask.

I have no loyalty t Graeme Spiers by the way – there’s many a time when he could be seen as a far from perfect, party line Rangers fan. I just don’t find this one of them.


It’s not Neil Lennons fault, it’s not the media’s fault it’s THEIR fault.

*Their = those in charge at Ibrox in modern times.

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7 Comments on “Graham Spiers”

  1. SW Says:

    Excellent blog post. I’m a non OF fan with an interest in Scottish football and more Rangers fans need to drag their head out of the beach before it’s too late.

  2. Gwared Says:

    Your right it is too late, the endgame is nigh and financial armageddon is on the doorstep. That’s not the problem, the real issue is where is your Brian Dempsey or Matt McGlone figures within the Rangers support. This week we can see Murray and Whyte having a bunfight over who is worse FFS. Ask yourself this, Who is best for Rangers, who will unite the Fans because Rangers Newco will need a figure head to do this. I find it unbelievable that the Celtic fans can organise their change in their hour of need but nowdays when speed of communication is king there is still a pathetic lethargy amongst the Rangers fans.

    Do this one thing, get aff yer arses and prepare for the future any Newco must have fan representation and ownership, transparency is a must, use this as an opportunity instead of hiding behind the curtains ya bunch o tumchies.

    Rant over Goodnight and Good Luck.
    A Celtic Fan.

  3. perthlurker Says:

    Hi Garry

    Hav just come across your blog from ready RTC and Scotslaw.

    I find your viwpoints reasonable and as a celtic fan now living in Perth Oz I keep wondering when the Rangers fans are going to mobilise and fight for their club?

    Good luck and keep fightin the head in the sand mentality

  4. David Says:

    Well said Garry. I, like you, am a very worried Rangers supporter, who has also been looking in to Mr Whyte’s background and dealings and I don’t like what I see. A question about what is happening at the club should not be seen as an attack or being anti the club, far from it. It’s the club, not who owns it that we should care about. Supporters need to understand that, just because someone has bought the club that they, necessarily, have the best interests of the club at heart. We really need to look behind the facade that has been put out there.

    My head’s never been in the sand and I am really concerned about what lies in store, particularly given the findings and comments following the recent One Stop verdict.

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