Rangers Unfurled- Has The Daily ‘Ranger’ given up on Rangers, or Just Found A New Hand To Feed?


A dark day has fallen over Ibrox stadium – aptly named, it would appear, as Castle Grey skull by many opposing fans.

The Rangers faithful today awoke to the stark horror that their club chairman, Mr Craig Whyte has perhaps sold their club down the drain.

The revelation that the club has mortgaged future season ticket cash to the tune of approx. £20million has appeared, for the first time, in the mainstream press. Not to mention a suggestion that the V.A.T. on such has been subsequently avoided.

This story will be of absolutely no surprise to those that have read either my own, or many of the other Rangers football club related blogs on the internet. In fact, one quick browse at the expense of only a couple of pounds and you could have been privy to such information – or at least the intent of such, as far back as last summer.

The breaking of such news in the mainstream press was, to say the least, a surprise to most – blogging away on the matter as a hobby. Personally: I was not too surprised.

Compared to the blogging faithful the Daily Record story is a reasonably full piece of work. It contains far more direct information and reads far less abstract than that of any blog. It should do, the newspaper has far more contacts and far more money vested in it to research and publish the story than any zealous internet platform. The story was full masts to the wind in relation to the newspaper nailing its intent.

To me, it is the timing of such an event that I find pivotal. Whereas many on the internet have lambasted and ridiculed the Scottish media for their lack of portrayal I have hinted at defence, or at least neutrality on their behalf.

I had no problem that the mainstream press had not poured over the story – potentially the biggest in Scottish footballing history. One of the many reasons for this is that I was awaiting full and detailed evaluation of the situation. Of course this has never come and probably won’t until after storm has settled.  Again, I don’t blame the press for this either. One swift look at recent media law scrutiny would prevent me from publishing such either. Coupled with the fact that Scottish Football is of a clique nature and any budding journalist could have found a quick dive into sensationalist stories regarding Rangers as potential career suicide.

Over the past year Journalists have at times hinted towards scratching the surface of a story and then retracted and backtracked on their previous words. I assume that this was due to ‘outside pressure’ or in other words being told’ if you don’t start rubbing my back you can forget me rubbing yours’.

Today the Daily Record has released a rather interesting piece on Rangers recent funding. This story has fallen like an atomic bomb on the sandy seabed hideout of many Rangers fans; leading to more than one head being reared. ‘OMG’ ‘FML’ – seen a few of them on the internet today. The internet – if only you had typed Rangers into Google at some point in the last few years you may have found some startling information – remarkably similar to what was released in the ‘Rancid’ today.

The overspill of such story has led to a resemblance to the Kubler-Ross theory of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

Now let me elaborate.

Denial: So far today, on: Facebook, Twitter, and web-forums this has been rather obvious. One particular fan site advertising their thoughts as, “I don’t believe any of the shite that is in the Daily Record – Who is with me?”

Many more have suggested the age old theory that,” Guidi is a tarrier” then my favourite, “…and that cunt garryjbmacinnes anaw – fucking Tim in disguise”.

Anger:  “Fucking F&nian conspiracy”, “bastards are always gloating at us – bet they’re worse”. “David Murrays a fat wank – should be shot”, “Craig Whyte is a lying turd” – “THIS ISNY RANGERS FUCKING FAULT IT’S THE CUNTS THAT WERE RUNNING THEM….”

More of the quotes that I have seen. I would suggest that they fall more under the anger bracket than denial.

Bargaining: ‘just a few mill to see us through to the end of the season…”, “we should aw chip in a few quid”. “This is good news, all that money to fund the team…”

Depression: “ am finished wie fitbaw”…. “ that’s it every club in Scotland will fold now”….” Rangers are finished….”

Acceptance: Time will tell. So far – my blog for the past year appears about as close as that will ever get.  I view this whole mess as an opportunity. I’ve said this before so at treat of repeating myself I will keep it short: out with the old, in with the new. This time: learn from your mistakes. There is far more hope in a NEW Rangers than this model that is currently lying with more holes than the fated Costa Concordia: – On its side, pouring diesel into the sea, poisoning all before it inevitably sinks.

So let’s build a new ship. A new ship with a new captain. A new ship with a new and better bearing.

Kubler – Ross also believed that fighting death until the very end extends the length of denial. I tend to agree.

As someone that has stood out like a voice in the wilderness – attempting to point out what I have learned it has been a colourful few months. Personally, I have been given a right ol’ rough time from my fellow ‘supporters’. Don’t worry; I don’t want sympathy – never once have I given two hoots. I have continued to voice my opinions and concerns to anyone that will listen but to no avail. At the end of the day – as one person in a crowd no one is going to bet on your horse. Especially since the horse is not the one you wish to win. People say that history is only written by those who win – sometimes the truth is only written by those who care.

I may sound like I am having a major go at an element of the Rangers support. I suppose that I am. Without sounding like a modern day Moses here I must admit the breaking of such a story in the national press resulted in a wry smile. Not because I take pleasure in what I read – far from. However, having had time to accept and digest the information for quite some months I was most certainly in stage 5 of the theory. The benefit of being at such a stage is simple; I get to repeat the words that are most satisfying to ANYONE that has been laughed at over and over again. Interestingly enough even some Celtic fans have told me i was, ‘talking pish’.

“TELT YE!”………………….. right about HERE

Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea here – I don’t want a pat on the back. It’s not like I was the only one. It’s not like I acted in Nostradamus ways. I simply spent 2quid on companies’ house whilst having a reasonable knowledge of company law – or at least access to- in my locker.

Believe me  – I take no pleasure in what is happening to Glasgow Rangers. It is on this basis that I resent Celtic fans gloating at me personally today. It is not uncommon for an ‘enemy’ to take pleasure in their opposition’s demise, but that opposition usually has those that care for them. At no time is it fair to probe or prod (see what I did there?) those affected. At least not the ones that care or cared enough to investigate and show some vigilance over what has actually been happening rather than live in a dream world like so many have.

The question I first considered upon reading the Daily Record story was: “Why now?”

No one will convince me that those involved in this story breaking to the mainstream were not in possession of such knowledge for a substantial length of time. Of course they were: so why sit on it?

In my opinion the reason the Daily Record have broken ranks is on the promise of a new hot favourite tip to win the next race.

As I write this I have scoured the internet and found that the Rangerstaxcase.com blog have had a similar thought – and that their source is from some well-placed phone calls. I don’t have access to such unfortunately, so what I am about to say is just a hunch – nothing more. A complete hunch on my behalf at how I see this potentially playing out and why the Daily Record has chosen their path. My theory is very different to the rangerstaxcase one – obviously they are in a far better position to state their findings than I am however one thing is certainly similar: their REASON for producing the story.

The mainstream media has come under real scrutiny from a vast number of football fans that cannot believe the Rangers and Craig Whyte ‘fiasco’ (I think I can call it that now) has not been reported more. A phrase that I have used over, and over, and over again on this blog is ‘never bite the hand that feeds’.

Using such theory – I preclude to this inception.

Since Craig Whytes introduction as owner of Rangers more than one media journalist and company have been banished from Ibrox and their staff. As Rangers are one of the two clubs most followed in Scotland then that puts said journalist or company at a subsequent detriment in regard to information to fill their sports pages with.

However, since the subsequent closure on the Tax Tribunal has occurred I am willing to suggest that the media, and that includes the Daily Record with their vast array of informers etc. has tried to remove the veil and get a reasonable and assured estimate on the impending outcome. I also believe that the Daily Record have been advised that the outcome will be ‘serious to severe’ in terms of liability.

Another belief of mine is that the Daily Record has a certain affinity to David Murray. I believe that this works both ways. Somewhere along the line there is a mutual trust and understanding between the two parties. I could be wrong, I am only speculating.

As a propaganda machine, the Daily Record holds a reasonable amount of power in Scotland and in particular the central belt. As a traditional Labour party paper in a traditional Labour party area it still maintains a loyal readership.

Only last week the paper reported on David Murray arriving at Murray Park to see the club Doctor and having lunch with Ally and others. The pictures taken were certainly not Paparazzi type shots of a secret meeting. They were taken and hailed as a hero returning to the club he loves. At least that is how I viewed it.

This is the same David Murray that has been an almost fictional character for the past two years in the national press. The forgotten man almost- yet at the same time the man under whose stewardship the club find themselves in the current mess. Nevertheless the same man associated with the glory days of Glasgow Rangers. Even today: only a minority of Rangers fans will mention Murray in relation to the clubs situation BEFORE they mention the ‘devil’ Craig Whyte.

My theory is as follows. Rangers will almost certainly be liquidated. I have blogged extensively on the difference between administration and liquidation and let me now follow that up by saying that if a full or at least substantial tax liability is found then administration is not a survivable option for Rangers. There is no way they could manage this- especially not now that, as the evidence laid bare in the Record today shows – they have no real income for the next FOUR seasons. To all the pipe dreamers out there thinking that this cash will be spent on megastar signings my words are ‘get real’. You can’t spend money on players and then not have the money to actually PAY them on a weekly basis. If nothing else it would invalidate their contract. What people need to understand is that, in my view – the money raised by Whyte by mortgaging the season tickets is SPENT. It is already gone. Hence why the Jelavic money is so important. To survive another day.

Upon Rangers being liquidated it is my belief, rightly or wrongly that Craig Whyte will inevitably carry the can for such. An inherited mess or not – if the propaganda machine that is the Daily Record throws enough shit in his direction then some will stick. Short term – the paper will be banned from Ibrox. Long term….perhaps exclusive access that they enjoyed during the Murray years. Why? Because I am not ruling out a second coming here.

If Rangers were to be liquidated then it would take someone with a reasonable level of wealth to get the club up and running again. Even on a financial budget. I believe that somewhere along the line Craig Whyte may perhaps have planned to be this man – however will this less than scrupulous past now having found its way into the public domain through the BBC he may find this plan to be slighting more difficult than first anticipated. As he stated himself, he has never before faced such public scrutiny in a business deal.

David Murray in my opinion has substantial personal wealth. His companies may have taken a battering during times of recession but his personal wealth I do believe still exists. My theory is this: that David Murray, riding on the crest of a propaganda wave, could come back as a ‘Saviour’ of Rangers. A New company – run properly, claiming some moral regret at how things worked out and how he feels responsible and is here to resolve the past – at little cost, and with none of the previous bad publicity or large entanglement of creditors.

Yes, Craig Whyte could argue to the SFA/SPL whoever it is that he done all he could to save Rangers – mortgaging their finances and not paying V.A.T to survive. After all, not paying VAT has precedent in court as being a reasonable measure to save jobs. It has also been denounced. Strangely enough.

I see that Paul Murray and Dave King have been touted on the RTC as the men behind such a move. I can’t disagree as I have said earlier their sources are obviously better placed than my ‘hunch’.

Somewhere along the line though the sudden re-emergence of David Murray, his relationship with the Daily Record and the sudden release of this story with virtually no build up sits as a far to ‘cosy’ set-up in my book.

I wait to be proved wrong, and I don’t mind if I do.  After all an opinion is like an arsehole – we all have one. To be frank – I actually don’t really care anymore. I certainly won’t be renewing my season ticket under such duress – how can I guarantee it is worth more than the plastic it is contained within? I can’t. I would be better throwing my cash (demanded to be paid up front) in the River Clyde – possibly the only thing that divides Glasgow as much as Football.

It must be a horrible day to be a Rangers fan that first reads the story and realises quite how big a mess Rangers are currently in. For those that do, welcome to the club – I wasn’t making anything up out of spite, or to point score. I was merely progressing my way through the Kubler –Ross.

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9 Comments on “Rangers Unfurled- Has The Daily ‘Ranger’ given up on Rangers, or Just Found A New Hand To Feed?”

  1. Interesting to read Craig whytes press release asking for a boycot of the daily record. This coupled with the fact the whole statment denies nothing- it only tries to justify the actions.

    Everyone knows that systems such as ticketus are used by clubs all the time! Watford ate one club I know use them. The problem is the sheer AMOUNT of tickets mortgaged with such a potential tax bill!

    I am sure his statment will assure many rangers fans- but only for a while.

  2. andyco Says:

    Neitherof the two Murrays or King will meet the SFA “Fit and Proper Person” criteria. See below the relevant extract from their Articles of association.

    “(j) He has been a director of a club in membership of any National Association within the 5-year period preceding such a club having undergone an insolvency event,”

    • I am aware of such a rule, my view on such is that if this came to fruition then laying out a defence of ‘ due diligence’ in some format may be involved. Without going into the complexities of such it would depend completely on the threshold for such.

      My reservations on this rule being strictly adhered to is that one thing you always tend to find, especially if it comes to law for instance – for every rule there is always at least one exception.

      On the other hand, you may be completely correct. I am certainly not saying that you are wrong – far from. This, for me is based completely on my own opinion – nothing gospel involved so thank you for your comment and pointing out some SFA rules that others may not be aware of.


  3. Howie Bruce Says:

    Fantastic writing. I’m a fanatical Celtic supporter living in the u.s. and about to move to Ireland. I was born in Culross.

    I believe whyte is lying. The way he blows up, so to speak, when the media challenges his financing is typical of someone who has been caught in a lie.

    Yet being a Celtic supporter, and rangers hater, doesn’t mean I’m happy about what is going on. Thankfully, I believe, rangers will not go out of business. That would be bad for the league. However I’m not happy the “old firm” games won’t be much of a match for a while.

    Whatever happens to rangers will be bad in the short term. But there is also enough money out there that someone will buy them and run the club right.

    I believe whyte is a liar. I don’t think he cares about anyone but himself. Even then I think he only cares about how he’s perceived. He’s a peice of crap and I’m saddened that the players, staff and fans are being put through this.

    • Thanks for that, i have listened to it and you know for once i genuinely have nothing to say.

      Absolutely nothing of any surprise in there and he raises points that, let’s be honest, everyone already has.

      One thing that i would say is the ‘Rangers response’ after the first park – the most empty statement that i have ever seen.

  4. Eddie Rice Says:

    Gerry, I have to say that his answers to certain questions merited more indepth questioning by the interieiwer. I’ve stole this off RTC blog as it’s friday/sat and I’m a bit drunk and can’t be bothered thinking for myself.

    P. Murray says he’s astonished by the Whyte takeover as he’s never seen anyone in business take on a business in RFC’s situation, but says he tried to do it himself? No wtf question?
    Exactly what issues would a P. Murray-taken-over business not have been confronted with now that a C. Whyte business is? No questions on that.
    That isn’t an interview, it’s a press release. No question on whether it was his responsibility to see that a vulture capitalist doesn’t perform a leveraged buyout mortgaging ticket sales without his knowing? Allowed to knock Whyte for not laying the blame at SDM’s door and not being asked if P. Murray does so himself? Not asked if he plans to buyout the club in future? Not asked what his plan was for dealing with the big tax case? No question on why his take-over bid didn’t succeed? No question of whether he personally benefited from EBT’s? No question on where he would have funded his takeover from? No question on why the banks would have extended an overdraft facility for his takeover and not Whyte’s?

    • This is why i have nothing to say on the matter. Everything you have said above.

      Perhaps i will come out and make up fairy stories about taking over the club and how much better it would be – would probably be as much use as that statement or ‘interview’ from him.

      Here is the reason that i instantly thought, “this isn’t worth listening to!”

      ” I don’t know why anyone would want to take on a company with so many problems”


      ” As part of the last board and with help from Walter and the team we had managed to half the debt to a level that i feel was fully sustainable for a club of Rangers size.”

      So – let me get this straight. The club wasn’t worth taking over, yet Paul Murray wanted to anyway but as much as it wasn’t worth taking over it wasn’t in a bad financial position?”

      Yeah, no worries mate. NEXT!

      One thing that i would say – completely obiter dicta- with regard to the EBT. You may find, that as a director of the company P.Murray did take payment in the form of an EBT – however, if this was an agreement on a nod and a wink without any paper trail due to his position people need to remember that this would completely change the legal stance on such and therefore the question would not be worth asking because P.Murray is hardly likely to incriminate himself.

      All in all – what a complete waste of time……..

      • Ian Ferguson Says:

        Exactly, on the point of EBTs the Chairman, Directors, CEO etc have a better chance of being proven legal than the footballers due to the paperwork trail available.

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