Do You Think They Still Have The Banners??

As the door firmly closes on the January transfer window, the creaking sound of the Ibrox Trophy Cabinet can be heard, as it inevitably swings open in preparation for it’s incarnation in green and white ribbons.
Of course i understand the pleas of, ” Don’t give up now, Shellick havny beaten us in the last three seasons”. This is true, they have not – but Rangers have never been as weak in the last three seasons. If Celtic were to fail to win the league now i think it would really be time to ask questions.
That is not the point of this blog: The picture above is of a campaign that ‘The Blue Order’ has in 2009. I have found the reasons for it below that i will copy and paste out of interest. Oh how, only three years later would many Rangers fans wish to back to this level of, ‘as bad as it get’s’.
RANGERS fans groups today launched a “We Deserve Better” campaign to try and pile the pressure on the club’s board.

Chairman Sir David Murray‘s decision to sell off one of his leading players this month to balance the books has been met with a furious reaction from some Gers fans – who held a banner during last night’s win over St Johnstone asking him to quit the club.

The agreed sale of striker Kris Boyd to Birmingham City in a £3.8m deal was the final straw for many and various groups such as the Rangers Supporters Trust and the Blue Order have now issued a statement urging supporters clubs and fans to unite and let the club know their feelings.

Trust chief David Edgar said today: “This isn’t a campaign to get the chairman out or anything like that.

“We know he is in a situation where he hasn’t been able to find a buyer for the club but we want to know what direction the club is moving in and we’re looking for improvements.”

The statement lists areas in which he says supporters are concerned with and want explanations and they are as follows;

– Only 2 league titles in 8 seasons

– Only 2 cups won in last 3 full seasons

– Losing to the worst European opponents faced since Valletta in 1983

– A state of the art training facility, yet no advancements in technique or set plays

– No discernible strategic vision, either on or off the pitch

– No long-term transfer or team-building plan

– Only two youth players (McGregor and Hutton) of genuine quality produced in the last decade

– Selling first team players to cover losses previously made on fringe players

– Consistent failure to move fringe players on for reasonable transfer fees

– Lucrative pay-offs for failed players – Failure to profit from our most lucrative ever season

– Failure to engage with or interact with the support in any meaningful way

– Treating Rangers fans with disdain as customers instead of valuing and working with them as supporters and part of the Rangers family

– Inability to either attract inward investment, or to convince fans to invest in any meaningful way

– Reduction in the status of our club from leading football force in the land, to almost social pariah status through a failure to challenge those seeking to link Rangers with sectarianism

– A PR operation which only acts when senior club figures are personally criticised and all too often fails to defend the Rangers support

– Fan morale lower than at any time in the past 24 years

Do you think that The Blue Order still have they banners lying about somewhere………………………….they could come in handy.
Surely questions must now be asked, the most pivotal being: WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?
With no audited accounts now due until March for the SFA and no AGM platform for questions to be raised you have got to wonder that, if the tax case result were to fall before the end of March; Would we EVER see where the cash went?
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6 Comments on “Do You Think They Still Have The Banners??”

  1. Eddie Rice Says:

    Maybe just maybe if you’d paid attention a little earlier you wouldn’t have got to this stage. I remember Hugh Adam comming out in 2002 and warning of the dire consequences if RFC continued down the path it was on. No never, we are the peeple. Well some ungly truths are going to come home to roost on the supporters of RFC, the pain you all feel over the comming years will be deserved for ignoring the what was going on in your boardroom.

    • Lol and maybe, just maybe you should read the rest of my blog before battering in with a comment on a subject that was clearly tounge in cheek?

      Chill oot- ur nearly as upset there as some of the heed in the sand rangers fans of follow follow. C’mon, football is a fans game- boardroom decisions I am afraid are not. Although I agree many fans had for too long accepted the vast over spending etc I don’t think that there was much they could have possibly done about it. Their voices somewhat muted.

      Not to worry eh?

      😀 cheers

  2. Eddie Rice Says:

    Gerry this post was meant to be posted on the other story posted yesterday. I do realise that fans are mere pawns in these sagas and rarely are our veiws put forward in the Mainstream Media.
    However over the years there has been many warnings from a variety of sources, not least the incredulous Celtic fans who couldn’t believe that Mr Murray was getting away with it, with little or no comment from the media.
    Previous article’s on this blog have given some insight into why MSM have takan a back seat but why did fan sites not offer a platform for the dissenters within the RFC support to express their opinions on the subject of finances and the perils of the Rangers model?
    I have visited many fans sites across the UK and have to admit that RFC forums are, in my expierence, the least willing to offer critism of their custodians, while other fan sites seem to actually welcome critism and the debate that it invaribly stimulates.

    While it was clear that there wasn’t a plethora of suitors for Mr Murrays shares it beggars beleif that most RFC fans sat by and applauded this charlatan, this isn’t hindsite, this was very obviously the case when he first stepped forward. Basic research on his past and present buisness history pointed to a very shady individual with no real buisness acumen.

  3. Yeah i totally agree on that to be fair and you raise a very very valid point : Why are Rangers fans so loyal to their directors?

    This is a question that i have been asking for a long time. I understand fans being ‘hoodwinked’ in the past regarding certain liabilities. At the time the ‘potential tax case’ as it were at the time was raised to a Rangers Chairman he replied that any case would involve Murray International Holdings and not Glasgow Rangers. Now, anyone with any business acumen or legal knowledge would realise that potential tax liability would regard Rangers Football Club as a separate legal entity.

    Fans COULD question the board, but when a flat denial of such is given there was very little fans could do.

    Fast forward somewhat to the Craig Whyte issue – absolutely anyone with half a BRAIN let alone business acumen could tell that something was not quite as it seemed. No one with a normal straight forward business plan could purchase a company with hefty debts and with potential for a crippling tax debt in the near future. Only the clinically insane would enter into such a deal unless of course they had some master plan to completely sway the fortunes of the business or potentially make a fast buck from it.

    Again, it takes little savvy to realise that swaying the fortunes of a team planing in the SPL is rather unrealistic in this day and age and especially at times of financial austerity. So surely option 2 must have registered.But it did not.

    After the BBC debacle even more questions should have been asked especially regarding Whytes disqualification as a director. Instantly My question, as seen on my blog ‘this that and everything..’ was in regard to the sevenoakes stationers court decision regarding the length of ban from being a director and for what specific misdemeanour’s.

    Craig Whyte denied such and threatened to sue the BBC – this, as far as i can tell – has not happened.

    Again though, the Rangers fans battened down the hatches and said ‘ everyone is out to get us….’

    Yesterday, the main newspaper in this area publishes stringent reports on the insider dealings of Ibrox and within an hour a facebook page states ‘ Boycot the Daily Record for lying about our club’. I have almost given up trying to resonate with such people – i don’t have the time or the willpower to do so any more. That s why i blog a rather accurate description and if people want to listen to it, great. If not – tuff for them.

    I have no idea why Rangers fans are loyal to a fault… and that’s what it is now, to a fault.

    What i find ironic is the new approach of ‘everyone is out to get us’ the very same turn of phrase that many Rangers fans have used to describe Celtic in previous times. The hypocrisy of football fans.

    • Ian Ferguson Says:

      You have your finger on the pulse.

      I asked a prolific poster on another blog, who seem ed quite knowledgable about the RFC financial situ why HE didn’t DO something about it, get in there educate his fellow fans etc.

      He replied the same, try & you are treated as a pariah.
      I found his conclusion interesting, he will wait until AFTER the FTT to see what happens.
      As far as I can see RFC have MANY problems, even if the FTT was won tomorrow, those debts seem to be racking up.
      I could only conclude that he sees the solution as a Newco being allowed into the SPL & that is where the campaign will be won or lost.

  4. David Says:

    As per my post on your other comment, agree and wish that other real Rangers supporters looked at the evidence and stopped ignoring what is happening with our club. Something bad is about to happen and I don’t like that eventuality. Support the club and not just individuals.

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