Glasgow Rangers Darlington Na Na Na Na Na Naaa Na

A story will soon develop here. It’s something that i have been looking into for a while through various sources.     A present i am just trying to decide how to go about this. Some interesting thoughts and ideas from floating this idea around various internet platforms and professionals.



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3 Comments on “Glasgow Rangers Darlington Na Na Na Na Na Naaa Na”

  1. Eddie Rice Says:

    Gary are you thinking about Newco playing in English league after buying Darlington?

  2. Not quite.

    The reason I mention Darlington is because that was a potential idea I floated to others quite some time ago.

    However. Through some luck, jiggery pokey and even more luck I managed to unearth a small gem piece of information.

    I am highly sceptical however there’s is… Let’s just say…. Some truth in a potential takeover of another English league club by a consortium headed by a certain phil betts! The former director, replaced last week, by Andrew Ellis.

    Something somewhere doesn’t quite add up.

    I’m just finalising some sources and trying to separate hearsay from facts. Something proving to be rather difficult as you may imagine among the hoards of ‘head in the sand’ rangers fans

  3. Eddie Rice Says:

    Garry, I can see the merits of this for RFC under the guise of a Newco, do you know of any links between any of those involved with Mr Whyte and the venture capitalist Paul Wildes? Wildes is also a turnaround specialist, difference is his past isn’t anywhere as colourful as Mr Whyte’s.

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