Taken For A Ride (Glasgow Rangers Are Not The Only Club With Astonishing Financial Figures)

Peter Lawwell – a man that causes complete outrage on both sides of the Old

Firm Divide.

One one hand, he is seen as a greedy failure with a tendency to create superlative lies in a bid to paper over the cracks of his office, or to defraud and vilify others. No,wait – this is how he is viewed on both sides of the divide. The only difference is the terminology.

In recent weeks we have seen the Martin Bain debacle at Rangers, his trial for unfair dismissal and the inevitable ‘ring fencing’ of cash in the Rangers coffers to cover any potential outcome. Many Rangers fans were astonished to see the figures this man was being paid,not to mention bonuses during his time as a Director at the Ibrox Club. Should they have been, probably not – since these figures were previously mentioned at every AGM during his tenure. Unfortunately those who attended such an AGM – or the majority of- were paying little attention at what they considered the boring formalities.

I though that i would take a similar look at the position held on the other side of the city and see what was going on there.

Peter Lawwell (lie-well to many of his critics) is the Chief Executive of Celtic Football Club. (He turned down Arsenal, thought i would remind you since he often does). In the last week a major hurrah was  made of his decision not to pick up his £200K bonus payment from last season due to his clubs failure to wrestle the championship title from the other side of Glasgow. A noble gesture it has been said from many Celtic fans who clearly only read the headline and not the small print.

The statement was made in the small print in fact, of the clubs Annual report. One thing that was missed from the headline was the actual fact.  Mr Lawwell has ‘Deferred’ his bonus payment.  What does that mean? Well, in reality – My Lawwell has lost out on absolutely nothing and has shown no noble colours at all. In simple terms Mr lawwell has put his bonus payment on the back burner: he will still recieve the bonus payment however he has just decided that as things ain’t going too well at his side of Glasgow right now it would cause more than a slight bit of upset for his to remove £200K from the club coffers. He will on the other hand wait until the Celtic support is in a state of drunken stupour in Celebration of success. When this happens,be it next month, next year or whenever he will gladly remove that sum and pay it into his own extravagant account.

Noble?? Not in football sir….

The bonus in itself may sound substantial, in reality it scours into insignificance to his basic salary of £700K per annum.  This is approx £13,500 per week. At a match ticket of on average say £27.00 this is the equivalent of 500 tickets per week (1000 per home gate on the ratio of 1 home game per fortnight) during the season. Far more when you consider football is not a 52 week of the year sport.

Can this man really justify such a salary nevermind a bonus? This is a man who has had a large part in the large payoff sums for failures such as Tony mowbery and also large payoffs for the reasonably successful Gordon Strachan.

In more recent times the club has employed and backed their current manager Neil Lennon. Without entering into the debate on Neil Lennon as a manager or person he has failed to deliver in his first season in charge the basic requirment for success in Scotland: Beating Rangers in the SPL!

This is not a recent thing, for the past three years now Glasgow Rangers have been facing major financial difficulty. Something that still paints an uncertain future for the club at present. During this time the outcome however has been particularly painful to the Parkhead club: The Title has remained cross city in Govan.

The relevance of such: Simple! Why would the man ever be owed a bonus for what constitutes as failure among their fans?  in a current climate of financial hardship in society not to mention Scottish Football should the clubs be in any way attempting to justify wages of this volume and bonuses for absurd sums of cash for failure??

One thing is for certain, if Neil Lennon is to depart from Celtic in the coming weeks it will be for his own failings with the squad he has built. Sadly for Celtic fans he will be another manager to pay for his failure whilst the one mainstay throught the failure remains in place. Peter lawwell.

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