Issues, that are never made an Issue!!

The current climate in Great Britain would indicate for me a bleak winter ahead; of course i muse because everyone knows fine well that this winter will see our landscape ravaged by torrential snow storms, an over indulgence of rain and a scattering of northerly gales. Further obsticals to overcome in our daily battle with life’s last great question: Is it worth getting out my bloody bed in the morning?

I think it was the great Houdini that stated he could escape almost anything but his bed in the morning.

The weather is a side issue, a rant of endless proportions that have absolutely no merit as it is nothing more than an uncontrollable phenomena.

Talking of bleak climates and uncontrollable phenomena, the time of year has once again returned when all of the major political parties have televised shin-digs to reassure their sometimes blind followers (apologies to the partially sighted) that their party is a happy place of togetherness and optimism. Of course i can only presume Mr Iain Gray would have needed to allow his party members free access to some of the now outlawed 3 for 2 alcopops to convince them of this.

Thankfully it was the time of the ‘real’ parties and the big wig Westminster politicians to spend endless amounts of scarce cash on prawn sandwiches and plush dinners. ( I wonder how many of such things appear on expenses somewhere along the line?).

This last week has come of some note to myself. I am not a conservative sympathiser ( I am from Scotland, apparently there is no such word as support for the Tory party) however, as the current leaders in the aptly named Con-Dem Government i thought it wise to at least eavesdrop on their big autumn get together.

What i learned from such pretty much confirmed what i already knew. We are probably fucked!

As i pointed out earlier, these party conferences usually intend to show some unity, or at least direction from a party. What happened at the Conservative Party conference? Nothing short of a bloody red neck.

I will insert a link to the story: He Said, She Said…Do any of us actually know?

Theresa May is a constant source of my fustration. The reasons for this are rather simple : she reminds me of a sensationalistic journalist writing for a dumbed down society in a red top, gutter press publishment.

I may myself lack a knowledge of statistics and fact, infact i read only the other week that 87% of facts are made up on the spot. Including this one. The difference is that i am not a politician and more than likely never will be due my uncanny ability to upset the proverbial apple-cart. Something that is regarded a faux-pas when entering the world of party politics.

Theresa may graduated with a degree in Geography and is currently serving as the Home Secretary; a rather elevated Government position. In my opinion, someone of this position SHOULD infact be armed with facts and proof thereof.

The debacle has made the Conservative party look stupid and made it abundently clear that there is a split within the partys hierarchy. The argument,verging on completely unprofessional ‘small bet’ is between herself and Kenneth Clarke, and man of whom i often have mixed emotions.

One thing about Ken Clarke that must be said in this argument is his right to comment and professional knowledge. Ken Clarke graduated in law and was called to the Bar in 1963 before becoming Queens Counsel in 1980. Without examining his legal career in detail one thing is startlingly clear: his knowledge in the field of Human Rights (or any law in that matter) is far greater than that of Theresa May. This leads to one major question: As someone of experience in the field and someone with obvious ties and experience in Conservative politics why was he not consulted before the speech?? If the piece was cleared by the ‘Quad Squad’ – (a group of socialites with the combined bank balance of a small country and collective ‘real life’ knowledge of a toddler) – then why not Ken Clarke? The man has more experience than this quad collectively. Not to mention made more than enough public gaffes to have learned from.

The simple outcome,and my main gripe is this : Theresa May is a woman in a powerful political position. Instead of using this position for something of worth she has sensationalised a factual inaccuracy on  Human Rights to satisfy her own Euro- Sceptical whims and in turn rely on the ignorance of others to further bog down something that in it’s purist form is the sole basis for our freedoms in everyday life within the UK.

Perhaps Mrs May would be better served concentrating on making REAL changes in her position rather than using her soapbox in attempt to  spread further disharmony regarding the UK involvment in Human Rights and furthermore the E.U. Mrs May is one of the prime candidates that would like us to remove the current Human Rights Act – a pointless exercise in my opinion because we would still be part of the European Convention of Human Rights of which our own Human Rights Act is only a localised interpretation of as such.

Perhaps the bigger issue is politicians such as Theresa May would like us removed from the E.U. as a whole and are flashing the current ‘default in waiting’ at us like a red rag to a bull in hope of a rash outcry allowing our politicians to go vigilante on hysteria.

Afterall, it doesn’t take anyone of special intelligence to see a clear pattern emerging from the Government in their attempt to blame this whole current crisis on anyone but themself.

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