May aswell start a blog as you mean to go on, with a gripe.

I have heard of  the wordpress website for a long time. I was often humoured by the obvious fact that it is littered with academics each purposing their own view with extensive background knowledge in a subject.

Well, i do not have such knowledge and nor do i care to back up my often abrasive or factually evasive rants.

Things rile me, sometimes- and often – this can be something remarkably simple.

My first problem: signing up to wordpress only to realise that the background ‘themes’ on offer are about as exciting as the academic lecturing that bore me start my own blog in the first place.

‘Blogging’. Interesting word, one that i can only presume was developed within my lifetime and one that should surely insinuate some form of opinion from the author if not personal experience.  Not mearly a regurgetation of textbook quotes by subject matter.



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One Comment on “Themes……”

  1. On the off chance that you are unfortunate enough to come across such a blog…….feel free to so and say as you wish, afterall ; why should this be any different to everything else in society.

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